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On September 13, the figure skater attended the Russian Cup match between “Dynamo” and “Akhmat”. According to Medvedeva, she has been rooting for the “white and blue” for a long time.

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Photo: Yevgenia Medvedeva’s social networks

Two-time figure skating world champion Yevhena Medvedeva told reporters that she is a fan of football “Dynamo”.

On September 13, Medvedeva attended the Russian Cup match between “Dynamo” and “Akhmat” (2:1).

“I can be called a Dynamo fan.” It turned out so historically that I chose such a football team and never regretted it. I have not attended many football matches in my life. Today is only my third big football trip. In time, I’ll catch up and I’ll fart,” “Championship” quotes Medvedev.

“Dynamo” in the Russian Cup defeated “Akhmat” who fired the head coach

Photo: Sergey Babilev/TASS

When asked why she cheers for Dynamo, Medvedeva answered: “It all started out of the blue. My first “Time of the First” team was dressed in blue.”

The skater did not name her favorite football player in “Dynamo”. “I haven’t learned all of them yet, because this is my third match. Don’t bother with such questions,” Medvedeva joked.

Medvedeva is a two-time world champion in singles skating. She also has two silver medals from the Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea. So far, the 22-year-old figure skater has suspended her professional career.

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