Where to ride a bike in Moscow

A bicycle is practically a universal (also ecological) transport. And you can ride it not only to work and back. Fortunately, there are enough picturesque cycling routes in Moscow. While the cycling season is not yet closed, we will talk about the coolest of them in our selection.

We have divided the cycling options by administrative district to make it easier for you to choose the nearest one. In addition, you can reach your destination by bus – they are mostly equipped with a special space for bicycles. Two-wheeled transport can only be transported on the metro and MCC in disassembled form with the front wheel removed in a backpack and the steering wheel turned 90 degrees.

“Museon” Park – Victory Park

Central Administrative District – Western Administrative District

We start from the Crimean Bridge on a three-meter-wide bicycle path. We drive through Nyanudny Sad and Varabyovy Gory, along the Moskva River. You can turn right from Vorabiovskaya embankment to Berezhkovskaya embankment and Taras Shevchenko embankment. Then you can get to Moscow City. However, in this case the route will be shorter. Instead, you can look at the hotel “Ukraine” and three bridges – Borodinsky, Novoarbatsky and Bagration.

Art Park “Museon”


Embankments of the Moscow River

Central administrative district

The beginning is Nagata Embankment. We go to the Navaspasky bridge along Dzerbyanevsky embankment, there you can get to the other shore. We spin the pedals and enjoy the views of the Chirvonakholmskaya, Kotelnitskaya, Kremlin, Moskwaretskaya, and Prachystenskaya embankments. We pass by Red Square, Zaradde Park – we see how Moscow has become more beautiful. Our program includes the Church of Christ the Savior and Luzhniki – in general, you will have time to see the capital during this bike ride.

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Moscow City – Red Square

Central administrative district

Through Krasnopresnenskaya embankment and Novy Arbat, we move along Vozdvizhenka and Mokhava to Red Square – then the hotel “Ukraine” and Kyiv railway station will remain on the opposite side from you. If you move to the other side and pedal along the embankment of Taras Shevchenko, you can pass the Kyiv railway station and the Borodino bridge. Further along the Rostov embankment, and everything is the same – from New Arbat to Red Square. By the way, not far from the Borodino bridge (it is three-lane and vehicular) there is the Bogdan Khmelnytskyi bridge, which is equipped for pedestrians – it will also suit us.

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