Where to ride a bike in Moscow and there are no people, leading routes in Moscow – October 7, 2021

Yaroslav Repin

We are catching warm autumn days.

While bright and colorful autumn continues in the capital, we recommend staying at home less and being outside more often. For example, you can take a bicycle – your own or rent one – and ride around the city to your favorite music. For this occasion, we have prepared convenient routes in Moscow, where you can calmly ride on bicycle paths. The trip will be comfortable, people – a minimum, and pleasure – a maximum.


Boulevard ring

Subway: Krapotkinskaya, Arbatskaya, Tverskaya, Pushkinskaya, Chekhovskaya, Trubnaya, Turgenevskaya, Sretsensky boulevard, Chistya Zahalki.

If you want to ride in the heart of the city, choose the route along the Boulevard Ring. The cycle path chain surrounds 10 boulevards: you can start your trip from any point along the route. Bike paths run through several metro stations: choose the most suitable one and start. On the way, you can see the wonderful architecture of the city center, as well as a large number of churches: the Church of Christ the Savior on Krapotkinskaya, the Church of the Nativity of the Holy Virgin in Putinki near Pushkin Square, the Ascension Church near Nikitsky Gate and many others.


The architecture of the buildings on the route is very diverse: there are both houses decorated with a colonnade (for example, the Moscow Museum of Modern Art on Gogalevsky) and buildings with modern, creative facades (for example, the Gorky Moscow Art Theater). You can rest on many squares adjacent to the boulevards. On many of them, you can see monuments to great people: Pushkin, Vysotsky, Yesenin, Gogal. And if you want to stay closer to the water, you can do it at Clean Ponds.

Big and Small Nikitskaya street

Subway: Lenin Library, Voluntary Row, Barikadnaya.

We start at the building of the Institute of Asian and African Countries near Manezhnaya Square. Then we go straight to Nikitsky Gate Square. On the way, we pay attention to the Moscow State Conservatory named after P.I. Tchaikovsky and the motley building of the Mayakovsky Theater, as well as the TASS building located near the square.


In front of the Church of the Great Ascension, near the Nikitsky Gate, the bike path splits: one goes along Velika Nikitskaya Street, the other along Malaya Nikitskaya Street. Both streets lead to a view of Stalin’s building on Kudrinskaya Square, where the route ends.

Petrovka Street

Subway: Theatrical.

From the building of the Bolshoi Theater, we head towards the Petrovsky Gate Square. On the right we see the Tsum building, then we cross the Kuznetsky Bridge. On the left side, you can see an amazing architectural combination: next to the Marriott Hotel stands a small chapel of the Nativity of the Virgin. Before arriving at the square, you can see the bright Vysoka-Petrovsky Monastery. Next, we cross the Boulevard Ring, and the Hermitage Garden appears on the left. Near his path ends.


Great clearing and Great Ardynka

Subway: Polyanka, Tretyakovskaya, Novokuznetskaya.

From Yakimanskiy Square, we move towards Polyanka metro station. Along the way we meet wonderful churches: first St. Gregory’s Church, and then the Dormition Church. We follow the path to the Garden Ring, where we turn left and end up on Velikaya Ardynka Street. Here is the building of the Small Theater, as we move we can see the Ekaterinina and Iverskaya churches. The Church of Nicholas the Wonderworker of Mirlikii in Pyzhy says that we will soon reach the Tretyakovskaya metro station. We pass Veliky Tolmachevsky Lane, which leads to the Tretyakov Gallery, and we see the majestic Tuzhlivetskyi Church, and across from it the luxurious Zhamochkin Manor. Next, we continue to the finish line – the embankment of the Drainage Canal.


Kosmodiamian embankment

Subway: Povialetskaya.

We start on the Kasmadamiyansk embankment near the solemn building of the House of Music. Here you can see the impressive Novospas Monastery. We drive north along the Moskva River, paying attention to the quaint Sommelier mansion and the War Commissariat building. The road ends with a beautiful view of the buildings on the Kotelnitskaya Embankment.


Museum, Gorky Park, Nyanudny Garden, Sparrow Hills

Subway: Kastrychnitskaya, Sparrow Hills.

The path begins on the Crimean embankment in the Museon art park. In front of us is the monument to the 300th anniversary of the Russian fleet with the majestic Peter I. Further, the bicycle path runs along a dry fountain with an adjacent wooden terrace and the “Private Collection” art salon, where amateur artists sell their paintings. We pass under the Crimean bridge and get to the territory of the Gorky Central Committee of the People’s Republic of China. Here, the embankment is decorated with rotundas, and on the left you can see cozy Galitsyn ponds and a rose garden.


After St. Andrew’s Bridge, we get to Nyanudny Garden. We recommend paying attention to the summer house of A.G. Orlov, located on a cliff. You can relax near the peaceful Ekaterininska and Andreevski ponds. Further, the path passes along the arc-shaped Andrew Embankment of the Vorabiyova Gora nature reserve, where an impressive view of the Luzhniki sports complex opens up.


Subway: Kolomenskaya, Kashirskaya.

The route starts on the embankment next to the architectural monuments for which the museum-reserve is famous. Here you will see the Church of the Ascension, the Front Gate and other historical buildings. In addition to the majestic buildings, the cyclist can admire the beautiful winding course of the Moskva River, along which the route runs, as well as the picturesque green slope that descends to the shore. On one of the sections of the route, you can see the hill of Dziakov hillock, which offers a stunning view of the river and the city.


Krylat hills

Subway: Krylatskoe.

The route is located in the park “Krylatsky Hills” and is circled: start from any point. Be careful: the bike path does not run on a flat surface, and there are differences in height. The route is in a natural area, surrounded by many trees. The hills offer a stunning view of the Moskva River, the Ice Palace and the bicycle track. You can also see Moscow City. It is worth paying attention to the Church of the Nativity of the Holy Virgin in Krylatsky, which is located in the center of the park.


Victory Park

Subway: Victory Park, Minsk.

You can get to the bike path from the fifth exit of the subway, the landmark is the Monument to the Heroes of the First World War. The bike path stretches along Poklonnaya Hill, along the stunning fountains, and heads towards the majestic monument and the Victory Museum, which stretches beyond it. Further, we find ourselves in a green area and meet many different monuments on the way, as well as the Memorial Synagogue. The route ends at St. George’s Church.


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