where to ride a bike in Kazan

Cycling community “Vela Kazan!” presented in social networks and messengers. The community declares itself as uniting all residents of Kazan who are interested in bicycles.

The community not only shares useful information for cyclists and posts various announcements, but also tells about cycling routes and cycling tours. We asked representatives of “Vela Kazan!” tell where it is most convenient to drive in the city. Their routes are built based on the availability of smooth roads and sidewalks that are convenient for travel. They also include bike lanes in the city.

From the “forest” to the Embankment

Popular among cyclists is the route from the Gorky-Ametevsky Forest to the Kremlin Embankment. Andrey Semyonov, a lover of moving around the city on a bicycle, told about it. Thus, the start from the Gorky-Ametiev forest, then we head towards the Universiade Village along the Orenburg tract through Kaban, then we drive past the Kremlin along Rachport and around the embankment.

From “Southern” to Kaban

Another popular route among experienced cyclists starts from the “South” shopping center. From there, we head towards Mega shopping center, pass the equestrian sports complex, then cross Cosmonaut Street to Svoboda Square. From it, we go down towards the Kremlin embankment and drive towards the Kremlin, and then through Bulak we go to Kaban Lake.

“On average, such a route will take about two hours,” Andrey Semyonov notes.

From the embankment in “Chasha” to Lake Kaban

KFU student Mia shared her route for beginner cyclists. She said that she had already traveled along a route that was convenient for her. Start from the Kazanka embankment near “Chasha”, then we go to the Millennium and along it in the direction of Gorky Park, go down to the Kremlin embankment, drive all the way to the circus, and from it to the final point – Lake Kaban.

“This route is convenient and tested by me. However, most of it was shown to me by experienced urban cyclists,” says Mia.

By the way, Mia recently joined the ranks of bicycle enthusiasts, before that she moved around the city on a scooter. Now she has put the scooter up for sale, she says, the sensations are not the same as on a bicycle.

“Now I try to regularly go out with the boys for such evening “carrots”, today we will also have a drive-in, join in,” Mia invites.

From IKEA to Urytsky Park

Seller Andrey Filyukhanov suggested a route that should be traveled first with experienced cyclists. Start from Urytsky Park towards Victory Park, and further to Chasha.

“Around the city, I would suggest going from the Gorky-Ametius forest to Ikea, further towards Sovetskaya Square, but also on the road, from Sovetskaya Square you can calmly drive along the sidewalk to Gorky Park. Why on the sidewalk? There is a bicycle path, but it is impossible to ride on it. Then go down to the Kremlin embankment and drive towards Chasha. From there, you can go along the “White Flowers” boulevard to Victory Park, and not far from Victory Park you can go up to Urytsky Park. This is one of the easiest 20-kilometer routes,” Andrei shares.

From Tectonic to Mega shopping center

A convenient and proven route was suggested by the director of the branch of the metal plant, Elnur Santimirov. For those who live in the “Tectonika” area, he suggested to drive along the secondary road to the Mamadysh junction, then you will have to go up Cosmonautiv and turn left onto Nazib Zhiganov. There is no bike lane on this street, but Elnur explored the sidewalk, he says, it is comfortable and practically empty. He also noted that the roads along this route are in decent condition – without potholes.

Sea eye – tested on yourself!

A difficult, but no less attractive route was proposed by the promoter of the technique, Alyaksei Ivanov. He drove it and now shares his impressions. The trip to Marskoye Oko will be more than 160 kilometers in both directions.

“You can drive 168 kilometers in a day. From Hlushka, through Sukhaya Raka and the aircraft construction district, you can leave through “Krutushka”, you can cut off the section through the village of Kaimari – and towards Dubyaz, and further to Marskoy Oko, well, and back,” says the cyclist.

The route is convenient for those who have already mastered the city and are ready for longer challenges. Alyaksei notes that motorists treat cyclists on the road with respect.

The traffic of cars on this route is small and the drivers understandably treat cyclists and do not cut them off, I think this is very important, he says.

The route will be laid through such settlements as Veliky Kavali, Chuvashli, Aibash, Chodrayal, Sotnur. Andrey told that it will be possible to simply drink delicious water from the water intake columns and, if there is a desire, to take it with you. The cyclist warned that there will be some big ups and downs on this route – beginners should be prepared for that. He also gave basic preparation guidelines.

“First, your bike must be in good technical condition. I recommend starting such a route to those who calmly overcome 50-70 kilometers per day. In hot weather with a temperature above 28 degrees, I would not advise to leave on this route, it will be difficult,” he said.

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