Where to ride a bike in Arkhangelsk: the best cycling routes in Arkhangelsk 29.ru

We asked Vera to tell us what cyclists should pay attention to, who decide to go on a trip along her routes, and we got five important points:

1. Calculation of the load on the body. Routes from 20 kilometers are given with difficulty, especially for those who have taken the “cycling horse” a couple of times a year. It is necessary to prepare well for a serious journey: start with small runs and increase the load every day.

2. Drinking mode. Water should always be with you: you need to take a couple of sips at least once every half hour.

3. Sun protection. Despite the climate in our city, this summer turned out to be hot. Remember that the most dangerous sun is midday (approximately from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.). If you wear a viscose or cotton shirt over your T-shirts, you can avoid sunburn on your shoulders. Well, sprays/creams should be used, of course.

4. Technical condition of the bicycle. Before the trip, it is necessary to carefully check your iron horse: maybe the chain needs to be lubricated, the spokes should be straightened, the speed should be adjusted – all in order to avoid an emergency on the road. During the trip to Birvennik, we broke the attachment of the saddle pin – it cracked. I had to fix the problem with improvised means in the heat among hordes of bloodsuckers. It is better to take tools and a spare camera with you – anything can happen on the trip.

6. Road safety. Perhaps the most important moment. Remember that you are not alone on the road. A cyclist is the same road user as a motorist, so long before the start it is necessary to take care of the following:

  • mark yourself and your bike with bright equipment – signal vest, reflectors, reflective strips, lights. The car driver must see you well and from a distance;
  • your movement and maneuvers must be predictable for other road users. Indicate your actions with appropriate signals: turn left – indicate a turn with your left hand, turn right – with your right hand, and so on. If you need to stop – pull over to the side;
  • it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the rules of the movement of cyclists. Do not drive in the middle of the lane and move at a speed of 10 km/h with a large flow of cars;
  • cross the road only by hurrying off the bicycle and rolling it along the pedestrian crossing;
  • remember the braking distance of a cyclist and a car: it is better to miss a car one more time than to end up in a hospital bed;
  • carry a bicycle helmet.

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