What to wear on a bike this summer

After the end of the prolonged quarantine and with the arrival of the long-awaited warmth, we highly recommend you to get on the bike. You can buy your own at the Decathlon, splurge on a Louis Vuitton beau or simply rent a city bike and join the Cycles Ladies. By the way, this type of transport is an integral part of the image of a romantic French woman. Just imagine: a flowing flowery dress, sloppy bangs, a couple of croissants or a bouquet of wildflowers in a basket, you fly on two wheels along the embankment… This scenario can easily be realized in Moscow, so get ready to smear your nose with sunscreen and come up with ideas the best routes for cycling, and we will tell you in the meantime what is the best way to get on the big one.

Many trends of the spring-summer 2020 season are perfect for cycling trips. Take at least loose dresses with knitted vests, white sports shorts. Don’t forget the hottest pants and skirts of the season. And robe dresses, vichy cage, classic jeans and bicycles will always be appropriate. For example, Sabina Sokol walks around Paris in a short checkered dress and sandals. However, if you decide on a short length, we advise you to give preference to body underwear. Justine Saranza gets on the bike in floral “robes”, combining them with teenage Converse or suede ballet flats in a retro style. Louise Fallen prefers the style of a 1970s Ibiza hippie – hence the short snow-white denim shorts and a yellow T-shirt with a faded print. Well, Pauline Sera proves by her example that nothing has been invented better than a blue loose shirt and straight light jeans for a bicycle ride. Look for the most successful bows in our material.

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