The traffic police reminds the rules of safe cycling

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September 14, Minsk / Kar. BELTA/. It is necessary to be careful on the roads and follow the basic rules of safe bicycle riding, Anna Tsihanovich, state inspector of the Partizansky Police Department of the capital, told BelTA.

“You should cross the roadway only at pedestrian crossings, hurrying beforehand and making sure of safety. You should ride on the bicycle path, if there is none – on the side, sidewalk or footpath, while not creating obstacles for safe movement,” said Anna Tsihanovich.

According to her, sometimes cyclists develop rapid speed on a crowded pedestrian road. “They often do not think that it is possible to injure pedestrians, especially children, in such a way. Therefore, in such an area, one should keep the minimum speed and be attentive and polite to pedestrians,” she added.

The police department noted: if there is no special road or it is impossible to ride on it, a cyclist can move along the carriageway in one row no further than 1 m from its right edge. It is possible to go out on the road on a bicycle without the accompaniment of an adult only from the age of 14. Until this age, the child can ride only on sidewalks, bicycle and pedestrian paths, and also drive in pedestrian and residential zones. A cyclist must move with the flow of traffic. This also applies to pedestrians who carry a bicycle next to them.

“In the dark and when the visibility of the road is insufficient, the front headlight with a white light should be turned on on the bicycle, and the rear light emitting a red light. A high-visibility vest will serve well to prevent accidents. Unfortunately, cyclists often neglect the requirements for transporting children. “You can see two or three people riding on the same bicycle, although this is prohibited. The exception is the transportation of children under the age of seven. A special seat must be equipped for them,” the agency emphasized.-0-

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