“The Spartakiad is a good test before the start of the club season” – Vasil Karasiov

The head coach of the Moscow basketball team and the MBA club, Vasyl Karasev, told the “Match TV” correspondent that through the All-Russian Spartakiad, the team continues to establish playing ties and prepare for the start of the season in the United League.

In the 1st round of the group round in the “Basket Hall” in Krylatskyi Moskvichy, they defeated the team of the Krasnodar region – 76:57.

– MBA is preparing to make its debut in the United League of ZGB. Now we, as the Moscow national team, are performing at the Spartakiad, and this is a good test for us, an opportunity to hold sparring sessions. And, of course, during the team’s preparations for the start of the club season, we have the task of winning every match at the Spartakiad.

– What can you say about today’s opponent?

– In the Krasnodar region there are good central players – tall guys who have already received practice, including in “Lokomotiv-Kuban” in the United League. Plus a back line that played in the Super League. As soon as we slacked off, failed to finish in defense or made wrong decisions in attack, the opponent punished us right away. Today we managed to achieve victory due to the aggressive style that we imposed in defense. There are still many shortcomings in the attack: it is necessary to raise the percentage of hits, and to add to mutual understanding. It takes time to develop bonds between players.

– Usually friendly matches are played in the pre-season training, and here – an official tournament with serious prize money. What do you expect from the Spartakiad?

– We want to grow with every match. And if there is an opportunity to win, then it is necessary to win. If we are going to play good basketball, we have to win this tournament.

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