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Initially, the odds for the victory of “Rubin” in the away match against “Veles” fell sharply. Later, the game was completely removed from the lines by most bookmakers

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Football players “Rubina”

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The match of the ninth round of the First League between Moscow Velyas and Kazan Rubin simultaneously disappeared from the lines of most bookmakers.

First, the odds for the victory of the Kazan club fell sharply, and then the game was completely taken out of the line.

It is not possible to place a bet on the match on the websites and applications “Fanbet”, BetBoom, “Marathon”, “Melbet”, Tennisi, PARI, LEON, Winline, 1xStavka, “Liga Stavok” and OLIMPBET. However, at the time of writing, Betcity offers an opportunity to bet on this match.

The reasons for the withdrawal of the match from the lines by the bookmakers are unknown. However, this happens when analysts pay attention to suspiciously higher betting activity on a certain result. As a rule, in such cases, bookmakers remove the match from the lines, and the competent authorities conduct an investigation.

The press service of “Vyales” commented on the situation to RBC as follows: “We have already received information about this situation, but the club does not know the reason for what happened. Factors and pre-match talks aimed at destabilizing the situation in relation to FC “Viales” have no effect on the atmosphere in the club. We are actively training for the upcoming match against Rubin, determined to play our best game and continue our winning streak. And the created situation will only serve as an additional motivation for our players to show a high level of football.”

The press service of “Rubin” recommended RBC to contact the bookmakers for a comment.

“All developments in the line are shaped and submitted to the opinion of the PARI team. At the moment, the event “Vyales” – “Rubin” is not in the line, but it may be added in the future,” the betting company PARI told RBC.

The former football player of “Rubino” became the player of the month in the championship of Italy.

Hvicha Kvaratcheliya

“The bookmakers on duty answered, I quote, that “there was a sharp jump in quotations and the reception was closed until the reasons were found out. Reception will be resumed on the day of the match.” The reason for this “sharp jump” was not announced,” the Tennisi bookmaker told RBC.

“The list of events in the line depends on the decision of the bookmaker. At the time of the appeal, this match is not represented in the BC “Marathon” line”, – the betting company “Marathon” told RBC.

BetBoom refused to comment on RBC’s situation regarding betting on the match. The press service of the Russian Football Union (RFS) recommended RBC to apply to the National Football League (First League).

RBC asked for comments from the FNL, as well as from the betting companies “Fanbet”, “Melbet”, LEON, Winline, “Liga Stavok”, OLIMPBET and “Betsity”.

The meeting between “Vyales” and “Rubin” will be held on September 10 in Moscow and will start at 14:00 Moscow time. After eight rounds, “Rubin” under the leadership of Leonid Slutsky, with 13 points, occupies the eighth place in the standings of the First League. “Viales” is in 11th place with nine points.

The First League is called “the best league of peace” among the fans and in the Network. This definition of the second strongest Russian division was given by the popular VGiK website (“Vyasyoly Guberniev and Company”) with an audience of more than 220,000 subscribers in “UKontakt”. The community discusses Russian football and the First League in particular in a humorous way. In the summer of 2021, the First League announced cooperation with VGIK. Now VGiK subscribers choose the brightest player of the league once a month.

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