The daily “Basketball Marathon” will be held at the Street Basketball Center in Vologda.

The opening game of the marathon will begin at 18:00 on August 19 at the Street Basketball Center. Immediately after it, other national team teams will start to enter the game one by one. A total of 20 matches are planned, the final of which will end at 18.00 on August 20.

“We have never held games of this format in Vologda, I think that this is an infrequent phenomenon in Russia as well. It is better to hold matches outside, especially in this weather, that is why they chose TSUB as the venue. It is great that we are expecting a lot of participants, 300-500 people, not only Volgograd, but also representatives of Sokol, Sheksna and Veliky Ustyug will play. Prizes are planned for the participants.” – Says Marina Frolova, the director of the Basketball Association of the City.

All participants of the marathon will be divided into two national teams – “Pennant” and “Meteor”. The captain of “Vympel” will be the head of the Department of physical education and mass sports of Vologda Dmitriy Zhiyabakas, the captain of “Meteor” – Viktor Chuchyn. The “Basketball Marathon” will begin with the confrontation between the teams of the captains – the team of the City Administration and “Chuchin Team”.

“We love basketball very much, all members of the family practiced, attended sports schools, children continue to learn to play basketball in the Vologda State Basketball Association. We have eight people in the team, and first we will play in the opening match of the marathon, and then the children will continue the marathon and play for their teams. A very cool idea is to hold such a match, and let it not be so easy to play several games during the day, it is a sport, especially in such an interesting way. They gladly responded to the offer to play.” – Says the representative of the team “Chuchin Team” Yevheniya Alekseevskaya.

Before the start of the marathon, an auction will be held for the teams from the organization “From peace by a thread”: children’s drawings will be played between the athletes. Proceeds will go to charity and help families in the regional capital who need it. Support from spectators and participants of the “Basketball Marathon” will also be received by the activists of the “Viales” gas station: those wishing to come to the matches can bring a bag of food with them as an entrance ticket.

On August 20, after the completion of all games for the teams, a prize draw will be held. Basketball players will be able to win headphones, briefcases, bags, certificates to a sporting goods store, T-shirts and basketballs in the lottery.

“We invite all interested residents of Valazh to a unique sports event – a basketball match between the teams “Vympel” and “Meteor”. The city’s football team, American football players, basketball players of various ages, youth and veterans will take part in the game. Basketball will unite absolutely all groups of Vologda athletes on the court.” – Says the head of the Department of physical education and mass sports of Vologda Dmitriy Ziobakas.

In addition, holding a large-scale “Basketball Marathon” contributes to the achievement of the goals of the federal project “Sport – the norm of life” of the national project “Demography”, initiated by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

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