Petersburgers on how to ride a bike in the heat and maintain a presentable appearance

I don’t have a strict dress code at work, just an office style. The wardrobe didn’t change much when I switched to a bike – as my transport with a low frame and fenders, any clothes and shoes fit. Plus there is protection on the rear wheel so that the long skirt does not get caught in the spoke. I ride in dresses, skirts, suits, and pants. The only thing is that light pants can get dirty in the rain. I’m still going to buy a velo-garter for the skirt, but it hasn’t happened yet. Life hack – so that it does not fly apart, you can fasten it between the legs with a pin. In the office, mostly everyone wears changeable shoes, so heels can be changed directly at work. Although I also ride in heels. Not on stilettos, of course, but an average whole is suitable. So, even more interesting, the foot is on the pedal in a different way, and other muscles are connected.

A change of clothes came in handy a couple of times when we got caught in heavy rain – You can have a spare skirt or pants in the office just in case. I usually look at the weather forecast in the morning and take a windbreaker with me. I have mold fluff that I treat with umbrella and shoe spray. I don’t like raincoats made of film – they inflate, water runs down from them on your feet, and you still arrive wet. They are only in case of very heavy rain, to keep at least part of the clothes dry. I still have a spare film flap at work in case of an emergency.

In order to wear hats, I had to adapt: hats should be on an elastic band or you can fasten them with blinders to your hair so that the wind does not blow them away. I wear the most ordinary sunglasses, in winter they are transparent without diopters – from the wind. I don’t like sports accessories, at first I rode in cycling gloves, then I realized that they are completely unnecessary. I have a basket on my bike, which allows me not to use a backpack – my back doesn’t sweat.

If you ride a bike every day, the body quickly adapts., and the path is not particularly different from a trip by transport or from a clock walk. If you don’t apply make-up, you can just wash yourself in the toilet. I haven’t needed a shower in years of cycling, I ride quite slowly and don’t sweat. If make-up is fundamentally necessary, then you can leave in advance, wash and apply make-up already at work. Usually, when it’s hot, I don’t use foundation, I wash my face gently so as not to wet my eyes. And in the office I refresh myself with thermal water, but this is independent of the bicycle. It turns out that I only paint my eyes at home and that’s it. Or I don’t paint at all – according to mood.

Now I work close to home, 20 minutes by bike – The fastest way to get to the office. It used to take an hour. And once upon a time I had a bicycle with a lot of gears, sometimes the chain would fly off, I had to fix it, and all my hands were dirty. Now the bike is without bells and whistles, and there is no such problem – after all, it is urban enough that you can safely ride in any clothes and not worry about your skirt and the cleanliness of your hands.

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