How to ride a bike in winter: the main rules

Snow and a blizzard will not frighten true bicycle lovers

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In Russia, the bicycle is rather associated with a summer sport, and it is really hard to argue with that. However, it is far from a fact that you need to clean your two-wheeled friend already in the fall after the onset of frost, it turns out that many ride even in winter and do it without problems. The main thing is not to forget about certain rules and to understand some subtleties.

It is true that many people ride a bicycle calmly in winter. If in Russia there may not be too many such lovers, then in countries like Norway, Sweden or Finland it is very popular.


It should be noted right away that it is not necessary to warm up a lot. After all, cycling is actually a sport, and even in ordinary winter clothes you can easily fall asleep. First of all, you should take care of the gloves, this is really the most important thing. It is the hands that freeze without them on the bike instantly. As for outerwear, a high-quality windbreaker will do well, the main thing in such a trip is to protect yourself from the cold wind. And no one canceled warm socks.



In fact, the conditions are not so difficult, the same bicycle wheels slide no harder than normal winter shoes. If you ride often, you should think about buying winter tires for your bike. If rare, then regular rubber with good grip is not so bad. The right wheels are good, but don’t forget that in winter the same rules apply in this situation as for car enthusiasts. Do not turn sharply and brake, and use bald rubber.

Mechanisms of the bicycle itself

There are also a number of certain subtleties here. For example, it is better to use disc brakes, there will be problems with rim brakes at sub-zero temperatures. Pay attention to the condition of the pedals, they can easily become icy, and the foot will simply slip. In severe frosts, you need to make sure that your foot presses firmly on the pedal. And don’t forget to take a cloth with you if you have to leave your bike in the snow for a while. Riding on a wet and frozen seat is not too pleasant.


How to escape from dirt

A very urgent problem when there are many ruts and dirty loose snow on the streets. In this case, wings that cut off splashes and leave all the dirt on the tires can save. They should be really long, for example, sporty or simply shortened will not work. Correct fenders will completely cover the wheels.

Bright clothes and headlights

In winter, it gets dark very early, and in general, visibility on the roads noticeably deteriorates. Here, two important points arise at once, how other road users see you and how you can see the road yourself. In the first case, bright clothes will save you, you can buy a special cape with reflective elements. In the second case, it is logical that you should have a headlight installed on your bike, and ideally also a rear light, plus additional reflectors.

If there is ice on the way

If you simply do not think it is possible to go around a section with an ice crust, or you have already accidentally driven into it, then you should follow a number of rules. Try not to turn at all, and never stand on the pedals. Try not to shake your head and body. And if possible, don’t use the brakes on this stretch.

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