How much do you need to ride to lose weight, burn fat and calories by riding a bike

How much should you ride a bike to lose weight?

You can burn 800 calories in an hour of exercise, but this will depend on many factors.

If you really like cardio, and you’re tired of running, it’s time to ride a bike. It will be a great alternative to running, especially if you like to pedal. By the way, you can ride on the streets or indoors – whichever you prefer.

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How is a bicycle useful for losing weight?

Cycling is cyclical cardio. Along with pumping the muscles, the nervous and vascular systems are trained. If you work in different pulse zones, you can get the desired result. Let’s give an example of how these zones work for a 30-year-old person.

Pulse Zone Degree of load
174-185 Maximum load. For maximum speed and results. Do not use in training. Only professional athletes work at such a pulse.
162-174 Anaerobic zone. Increases the ability to achieve maximum results. Stick to these metrics for strength training. The heart rate immediately after exercise should not exceed these values, so as not to overtrain.
151-162 Aerobic zone. Improves physical fitness. Powerful burning of calories, improvement of the work of the heart, increase of its stroke volume.
139-151 The beginning of the fat burning zone. Improves endurance. At such a pulse, increased burning of calories begins.
128-139 Light activity zone. Helps the body recover. Easy warm-up or charging.


How much do you need to exercise to lose weight?

The process of losing weight will depend on your training and nutrition regime, healthy sleep and post-workout recovery.

If you have balance in all areas, any cardio workout will be effective. To lose weight, you need to spend more calories than you consume – this is the main rule. The optimal time for training on a bicycle is from 30 to 80 minutes. You can easily burn 400 to 800 calories during an hour of driving. But it will depend on the speed.


What can you train on?

You can use both an ordinary bicycle and an exercise bike. If you need to lose weight, the type of exercise machine is not important: the main thing is that it is convenient, comfortable and compact for use at home.

The most versatile option is a bicycle. At the same time, you can choose equipment with a display to travel by bicycle around the globe and even in space. If you want to participate in competitions or ride on the street for long distances, the best thing to buy is a fatbike. It is well adapted to a road bike.

You can “ride” an ordinary bicycle at home. There are bike racks for that. Attach your bike to them and train by driving the same roads on a virtual display. And if you’re tired of sitting indoors, go outside and travel.


How to properly use an exercise bike?

It is important to choose an exercise bike for individual characteristics: adjust the seat, handlebar position and height. Test yourself: sit on an exercise bike, put your heel on the pedal and see what position your leg is in. If it is straight, the trainer is adjusted correctly.

Also pay attention to the position of the steering wheel in relation to your knees: when driving, your knees should not collide with your elbows or be close to them.


Which is better: running or cycling?

What do you like more. To choose the best option, try both. Listen to your body: what responds to it more. Running is a physiological action with a shock load. If there is no physical training or there are contraindications, it is better to choose bicycles.

Keep fit and take care of your health.

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