How I tried the cycle and got involved

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Choice of sports

Until the age of 25, I was indifferent to sports, at school and university my parents gave me a fake withdrawal from classes. At the age of 25, I wanted to tighten my figure and went to the gym, worked out with a trainer. For about a year, I basically liked working out, because everything was new.

But at the same time, negative moments gradually accumulated:

  • the same exercises, at least that’s how I perceived them;
  • a strong load, periodically I need to take a lot of weight, although I was not comfortable;
  • the abundance of food to be stuffed;
  • eating every three hours – if I go somewhere from home, I have to plan where and how I can eat;
  • while gaining weight, you don’t run or ride a bike, but as it turned out, I really like the bike.

Then I moved to another city. As a result, he worked out in different gyms with different trainers, but these classes did not bring any satisfaction. Maybe I just got the wrong trainers :).

At the same time, I bought a bicycle, and I was delighted with riding, with the freedom of movement around the city. As a result, I gave up strength training in the gym, in the warm season (from May to September) I rode a bicycle. In the cold season, he tried to ride an exercise bike in the gym, but it was not the same. I found out about the studio cycle completely by accident – I donate to Ford ORBI, which helps people cope with stroke. And this fund organized a charity event – you could sign up for a class at the cycle studio and all the money received would go to charity.

I tried the cycle and got involved. There are about 20 exercise bikes in the hall, the results of all participants are displayed on the wall, the classes are very intense and varied (there are tracks for endurance, there are strength tracks, there are tracks for this and that, pedaling techniques are constantly changing). In the studio, cycling shoes are issued, they are attached to the pedals of the exercise bike, so the legs work even during the ascent stage, unlike the usual large ones. In addition, during the class there is a block of work with dumbbells – sitting on the exercise machine you turn the pedals, and with your hands and body you perform exercises with dumbbells. I also like that at the end you can see your result – so many km driven, so much power released.

In the same studio, classes are held on rowing machines. Here I like that the whole body works all the time. During training, you need to fulfill certain tasks of the coach – to keep the right pace, this or that power. It may sound simple, but you need to have excellent control over your body, so for me, classes do not fall into a routine. And at the very end, a two-minute race is arranged between all those present – who will cover the longest distance. Although I no longer compete with others, but with myself. Last time I swam 510 meters, today 516 – cool, I beat myself.

Training and motivation

I train three to four times a week in a cycling studio in the center of Moscow. I work out not so much for appearance as for health – I have a sedentary job. I don’t want to be a wreck anymore.

The main difficulty for me is the trip to the studio. From the door of the house to the door of the studio – 45 minutes. Together, an hour and a half on the road, and the same amount in the studio itself (an hour of training, half an hour to shower and change). That’s why I try to choose a workout in such a way that I can combine the commute – one day a week I go to the office (the rest of the days I work from home), so I take the workout on that day.

I also definitely take a workout on the weekend – that’s how I manage to get to the center and go for a walk or go to the cinema/museum/theatre. But 1 or 2 times a week you have to go specially. Here I am motivated by the fact that I am doing it for my health, as well as the fact that I will be able to walk around the center for a while and feel like a resident of the CAO.


About 10,000 – 11,000 rubles are paid per month. The most profitable subscription for 30 training sessions costs 23,900 rubles. Taking into account small breaks (vacation, weekend trips, back-to-back hours at work), such a pass is enough for two and a half months. Sometimes I forget a bottle of water, so there are expenses for water – water is expensive in the studio itself – 200 rubles (I buy it there if I don’t have time to run to the grocery store on the way, and if I do – about 30 rubles per bottle).

I also buy sports pit – vitamins (about 2 thousand for 240 tablets, 1 tablet per day) and L-carnitine (I buy liquid 1000 ml for 1800 rubles, a dose of 10 ml before training. The bottle lasts for a long time). I have sports clothes, they are made of synthetics and seem to last forever. I bought three shorts, 8 T-shirts and several pairs of sports socks a long time ago. Cycling shoes are provided by the studio, and for rowing you need your own sneakers – there are no special requirements for them (the main thing is not to go barefoot on the trainer), I use old ones that I used to go to the gym in before.

I will try to buy subscriptions for shares. For example, on Black Friday, when buying a pass for 30 classes, they gave 4 bonus workouts. And now, for example, there is an action – bring a friend and get a bonus workout. I can’t say that the savings are big, but they are nice.

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