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It is better to switch gears while you are turning the pedals, which are also attached to the stars. The higher the speed, the less often you need to pedal.

How to use speed? For example, you are going up a hill. This process can be facilitated by choosing the minimum speed, that is, the combination of the smallest front gear with the largest rear gear.

What is the result

Decide why you need a bike and where you will ride it. Pay attention to the material from which the frame is made. And don’t forget to pick up a two-wheeled friend that fits your height – it’s both comfortable and safe (for example, on an undersized bike there is a chance of flying over the handlebars).

Special clothing

“A helmet for head protection should be purchased together with the bicycle. Glasses and gloves are optional. A helmet is part of cycling culture, which was absent from Russia for a long time. It was considered unfashionable, and parents thought that since their child was riding neatly around the house, he did not need a helmet.

When riding a bicycle, a helmet is necessary for everyone and in all disciplines without exception. This is an integral part of your security. Now there is a fairly large selection of helmets for every taste and wallet, of different shapes, weights, colors and so on. This simple accessory increases the passive safety of the rider by 1500%, – says Anton. – I recommend it to any cyclist gloves and special shorts with a soft insert, the so-called cycling diaper, – these things will help to avoid unpleasant sensations from long cycling, will allow you not to rub your skin in certain places and stay comfortably in the saddle for longer.

In general, the main condition when choosing clothes for a bike ride is comfort. It should not restrict your movements. The rest depends on the purpose of your cycling trip. If you use a two-wheeled vehicle to get to work, you can also ride a city bike in pants.

Accessories for times

Front lamp

To light the way in the dark. At the same time, thanks to this light, you will be seen walking or driving towards people.

The rear light is red

To be seen by other road users in poor lighting conditions.

A call

Until recently, calling strangers in front of me to give way was as scary as announcing to the entire bus: “Stop at the next one, please.” Or, you know, like in a situation where a mother leaves her child in line at the checkout and doesn’t return for a long time. But you have to deal with fears. And the bell is a useful accessory that will avoid unpleasant situations and collisions. Better let it be – and how and when to use it, you will decide along the way.


There are special compact backpacks with a tapered shape, which not only conveniently attach to regular straps, but also are fixed in front so that the backpack does not dangle.

Water bottle holder

This is an option for those who do not plan to buy a backpack and can get by with a small pannier bag or a very small bag that attaches to the bike frame.


Another alternative to a backpack – and perhaps the best. Ever seen a plastic trunk-ship on the back of a motorcycle? The same can be attached to a bicycle. If desired, the “box” can be closed with a lock (hinged or built-in). From the pros: great capacity (my trunk, for example, can comfortably fit even a laptop), protection against moisture and dirt, nothing hangs or interferes with the back or belt.

Rear wing

For those who plan to ride in rain, snow, and heat – in general, in any weather (and stay clean at the same time). The rear fender prevents dirt from the rear wheel from flying onto your back.


In case you decide to go somewhere and leave your iron (in the sense of aluminum) horse for a while. By the way, it is most effective to attach the bike to the front wheel and frame. The fact is that it is much easier to unscrew and decorate the front wheel than the rear. As for the choice of the lock itself, it is difficult to say which is the best. Rather, it depends on your tasks.

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