Comments to the article Bicycle paths in Chelyabinsk: the mayor’s office announced public discussions on the bicycle development strategy, February 21, 2022 |


February 21, 2022 at 5:12 p.m

Cycle paths should not be on the same road as motorways, it is not safe, not logical, and not ecological. I understand it’s just cheaper! But this is not normal! Nobody wants to ride a bicycle, breathe dust from exhaust gases, and also think about how not to get under the wheels, and the driver should not look at each cyclist, and think how he did not do something, so as not to hit a person, and not to run over to the court and what to prove, but in spite of all this, to remain guilty in 100% of the cases, the driver should not be distracted from the road one more time! A cyclist should enjoy the fresh air, and be calm, not think that some driver decided to show his girlfriend how his prior on bald rubber turns into a sports car, encountering some other motor vehicle that changes its trajectory and knocks down the cyclist. And both will answer, guilty, not guilty. For damage to health, or for the loss of a breadwinner, both are responsible, the guilty is not guilty, both are responsible, and the ruble is responsible. If in doubt, study how it is arranged in the law. It is not necessary to create dangerous situations in advance.

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