Can cycling replace running?

It’s no secret that cardio is a great opportunity to pump up the body. They contribute to the development of endurance and strengthen the respiratory and locomotor systems.

It is now the middle of summer, and many people are riding bicycles. In this regard, a question arises, especially for those who do not like to run: can running be replaced by cycling? Because it’s also the most cardio.

Let’s figure it out.

Sergey Kuzminsky” title=”Sergey Kuzminsky“/>

World Class coach

To begin with, you need to understand what a person wants to get.

What are the similarities?

Running and cycling are great options for walking. In order to go somewhere, you just need to leave the house. If you just want to have a fun and useful time – it doesn’t matter what you choose. But if you want to delve into the question of what is more effective, you will have to try.

Coach Siarhei Kuzminsky says that if a person just wants to improve his physical condition and lose a little weight, he can choose any option. But if we talk about each discipline separately, running and cycling are completely different things.


When running, more muscles are involved

When a person runs, during exercise, several muscle groups are involved at once – legs, feet, thighs, body muscles and arms.

What will happen to the body if you skip training for a month?
What will happen to the body if you skip training for a month?

When riding a bike, things are a little different. There, the legs and body work mainly to maintain balance, but the hands are not involved in the process at all.

Running allows you to develop better endurance, and if you want to see some results, there is no way that a bike can replace a run.

Sergey Kuzminsky

Sergey Kuzminsky

World Class trainer

If a person wants to develop in running, but at the same time wants to replace jogging with a bicycle, then he will not be able to progress and reach the indicators that he wants to achieve. The work and muscle activation in running and cycling are completely different.

Running is #1 in terms of energy expenditure

Each body is certainly unique, so the number of calories burned during a particular activity will be individual and depends on several factors. For example, from age, body structure, athletic form and training intensity.

How to pump up the whole body?  Circuit training from Lerchek
How to pump up the whole body? Circuit training from Lerchek

The coach assures that in terms of energy consumption, running will be higher than cycling. Running is physically much more difficult for a person than cycling. So if you want to lose weight, you better put on your running shoes and go for a run.

But if you plan to work at 70% of your maximum heart rate, then both types of cardio will be effective.

A bike can ruin your posture

If you don’t know about the fit, the height of the steering wheel and the seats, you can spoil your posture and even get injured. There is a high possibility of injuring the spine, shoulders and knees due to improper posture. Therefore, a bicycle is not just a matter of sitting down and riding. It is necessary to take into account many small nuances.

During running, the position of the back will be more comfortable, as it is physiological. When we walk or run, our body is in an upright position.


Is cycling an alternative to running?

Running and cycling are great types of exercise to make your body stronger and more durable. But, alas, the bike will not be able to completely replace running, especially if you want to lose weight well or develop endurance as much as possible.

The most ideal option is to combine both types of activity. After all, cycling is not only cardio. You can go further by bike and discover several new places.

Do not forget that before taking up any kind of sport seriously, you need to prepare well. If the muscles are weak, problems may arise with them later.

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