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Quarantine in Rostov is over, summer is in full swing, it’s time to get a two-wheeled horse and go to punish Rostov roads. If you haven’t got a bicycle, then renting is the best solution for rare walks around the city on weekends. Residents and guests of the Danish capital can enjoy beautiful views and cycling trips both in the city itself and beyond.

Botanical Garden of Yufu

Without going outside the city, the people of Donetsk can take a bike ride in the botanical garden. In this secluded corner of nature, you can not only test the road, but also enjoy the silence, see the sea of ​​amazing flowers and even bathe in the spring. The vast territory of the garden and the variety of vegetation create the illusion of walking through an uninhabited jungle. If you have a desire, you can have a picnic on the territory – so you will combine the pleasant with the useful. In the botanical garden you can also meet local fauna – from slugs to squirrels.

Student park of DDTU

In the center of Rostov there is a student park where cyclists can ride and rest. On the territory of the park there are sports and children’s playgrounds, as well as a football field. There you can work out on exercise machines and horizontal bars, and then relax on park benches. Thanks to numerous walking paths, riding will be comfortable and pleasant.

Left Bank Park

If you skip over the Don, you will be able to fully enjoy cycling through the beautiful park. Levoberezhny is an ideal place for cycling, on the territory there is smooth asphalt, playgrounds, cafes and shops, you can play volleyball on the beach. During the walk you will be able to see the new light and music underground fountain. If you go for a ride there on non-match days, the area around the stadium will also be free for cycling.

Rowing channel “Don”

On the left side of the Don River, you can ride not only in the coastal park, but also on the territory of the nearby Rowing Canal. This place is great for family vacations and sports travel. There is a very good asphalt surface around the canal, those who wish can exercise on exercise machines and horizontal bars, volleyball and basketball courts have already opened, on the wooden pier you can practice yoga, sunbathe, have a snack or just breathe in the cool air.

Shchepkin forest

If you are tired of the noise of the city and want to enjoy a bike ride away from the city center, then Shchepkin Forest in the northern part of Rostov is the perfect place for you.

On the outskirts of the Danish capital, there is a natural oasis that impresses not only by loneliness, but also by the diversity of the local inhabitants. The attractions of the forest include a flooded rock quarry, a beautiful swampy pond, ruins of buildings of the last century, a pine grove, Shchepkinsky pond with clear water and a sandy beach. During a cycling trip, you can see roe deer, fox, hare, wild boar, pheasant, heron or wild ducks, turtles, crayfish and fish live in the water bodies of the forest. You can’t make a fire in the forest, but if you want to roast meat, you can bring a small brazier and have a picnic. This is an ideal place for cycling, there are very few people in the forest, so a ride on an iron horse will be successful in any case.

Kumzhensky grove

In the west side of the city there is a park where you can also relax and ride a bike. Kumzhensky grove is located on a promontory that allows the rivers Dead Danets and Don. On its territory, you can not only ride with the wind along many paths, but also relax on a sandy beach, sit on a log and have a picnic. On the tip of the cape there is a memorial to those who died during WWI, cyclists can ride to this monument.


If you move away from Rostov and go towards Kamensk-Shakhtinsky, you can reach cool water bodies and protected areas by bicycle. You can start your journey from the village of Chystaazorny in the Kamensky district, near which there is a wonderful lake Eldorado. After swimming in the clean and cool water, you leave the car and change to the bike. The further way can be laid through the village of Chystaozherny, along the river Seversky Danets. If you have enough strength, you can reach the Khabotok tract, a protected forest, where cycling and extreme skiing will cause joy and pleasure. Meandering through the steppe spaces of the Kamensky district, you can reach the Long Canyon and a picturesque field with windmills, swimming in spring waters and enjoying wildlife will be a gift for any tourist, and unique photos will preserve memories of an incredible trip.

Alexander Forest

In the Azov steppes there is an amazing monument of wild nature, which is inhabited by various animals. On the territory of the forest, the cyclist will be able to enjoy the peace and quiet, as well as ride along the trodden paths and, perhaps, meet the inhabitants of these places. If you see a deer or a hare, don’t be surprised. Special hiking and cycling routes have been developed here for tourists. There is also a pond in the Aleksandrovsky forest, which is inhabited by carp, grass carp, crucian carp, bream, perch and pike. There is a pier for fishermen and tourists on the shore of the reservoir. If you get tired of your iron horse, you can change it to a real stallion. In the mini-zoo, pheasantry, cyclists and tourists will be able to get closer to the fauna of the forest. A unique giant oak grows on the green territory, which is more than 120 years old.

– In the Rostov region, there are not many routes for bicycle trips, but there are several picturesque settlements to visit. Our club has bicycle tours to the Kamensky District, the village of Zaitsevka and the village of Veshanskaya. Heading towards the homeland of the great Don writer, we visit the Museum of Cossacks in the village of Yelanska and the Sholakhov Museum in the village of Veshanska, from where you can reach a 400-year-old oak tree. We make a stop at the Swan Cooler, which appears more than once in various films based on the novel “Silent Don”. Further, our path runs through the steppes, forests and even a sand reserve in the area of ​​the Minbeski farm.
Zaitsev Rocks is a bicycle tour in the Shakht district, on the way you will encounter ups and downs, forests and ravines, rocks and the winding Kundruchcha River. The Kamensk Lakes Cycle Tour runs through picturesque areas near the Seversky Danets River, steppes, forest cliffs and ridges. Going on a bicycle tour in the Rostov region, tourists will enjoy not only the beauty of nature, but also the silence of the wilderness, – said the head of the active recreation club “Adrenaline” Andrey Goncharov.


You can rent a bicycle in Rostov in the C52 cluster on Suvorova Street, 52A, then you will have the opportunity to ride in the parks of the center or take it by car to the outskirts or to the region. There is also a bike rental cluster near the Don Rowing Canal, where you can enjoy a ride on sports bikes, comfortable cruisers and powerful fat bikes.

If you go for a ride in the Shchepkinsky Forest or the Left Bank Park, you can find WoodProkat near these facilities, where comfortable two-wheeled vehicles will be waiting for you. The rental in Shchepkinsky forest is located at the intersection of Lesnaya and Molodzhnaya streets, another one is on Levoberezhnaya street, 5D.

On the way to Levoberezhnyi Park, you can rent a large one at City Bike at 2/2 Varashylawski Avenue. You can also ride a rented bicycle in the “Pleven” park on the west side. If you are not afraid of a huge number of people, you can enjoy a bike ride along the embankment of the right bank, there is a bicycle rental service near the “Mayak” sushi bar.

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