9 places in Krasnoyarsk where you can ride a bike Prospect of the World

There are not many places where you can go for a ride in Krasnoyarsk, and there are no good ones at all. But here are nine locations where the process at least doesn’t make hell. So what are rich for.

Tatishov Island

The option is like a win-win. Theoretically, the entire infrastructure of the island was built just for jogging and riding on everything that is not a car. But the problem lies in the fact that the whole city knows about the local bike paths, and everyone who feels like riding goes here.

As a result, instead of a slow bike ride among greenery, the skater risks ending up in the Krasnoyarsk version of Beijing at rush hour. Therefore, if you “ride on Tatka”, then do it in the morning on a weekday or turn to the countryside and drive on the dirt.

Photo: livejournal of Slavy Stepanov

Vacation Island

Another obvious place for skiing, where skiing is not as pleasant as it is commonly believed. First of all, there are relatively few places: a little spot near the stadium, a little spot near Yarygin — that’s all, really. Secondly, in addition to cyclists, drifters sometimes indulge in their twisted hobby. In this case, there is a danger that the tent will turn out to be unmanageable and the car will reach your big one.

In general, if life is dear to you, pedal towards uninhabited places and dirt roads.

Photo: wikimapia

Embankment on the left bank

The long asphalted section of the embankment, which starts at the Krasnoyarsk Museum Center and continues all the way to the Regal Palace, could be an ideal track for skating, if it weren’t for one “but”. More precisely, a whole list of “buts”, which includes both cars and pavilions with barbecues that protect the passage, and passers-by of varying degrees of adequacy who walk right on the bike lanes. So if you ride, it’s only very, very early in the morning, more like late at night.

Photo: snowyowlhotel

Kachi embankment

When people talk about embankments in Krasnoyarsk, they usually mean the banks of the Yenisei, but there are other rivers in the city that also have embankments. For example, Kacha, whose surroundings were beautified, rolled in asphalt, and now it is quite comfortable to ride a bicycle. True, there are very wild dogs, no less wild guys with beer, and bridges so low that you can only cross them in a hurry.

Photo: Encyclopedia of the Krasnoyarsk Region

Available in the SFU area

It means the same mountain on which the federal university stands. Of course, it is not easy to get there, but it is a pleasure to go back. Long and flat descent, relatively few cars make this place ideal for speed skiing. In addition, there are quite wide sidewalks, and if they are not filled with students, you can roll on them, reducing the risk of meeting a car to almost zero.

Biathlon Academy

If you have climbed the mountain of Esfeus and you don’t want to go down immediately, you can stop by the Biathlon Academy. Here, the asphalt is good, there are few cars, and in general there is a forest around, birds are singing. And if you get tired of riding among the trees, you can go back and still ride with the breeze to Kurchatov (in the good sense of the word).

Ulyanovsk Avenue

If you live in Green Grove, that doesn’t mean you don’t have a place to ride. There is also Ulyanovsk Avenue, which, in fact, is almost an embankment. True, with cars, but there are relatively few of them, and there is enough greenery around. One minus is that quite an alarming contingent comes to the promenade here, but you can also find your pluses in this: you will learn to drive twice as fast.

Academy town

There is no asphalt on the local paths, but there are no cars either. And if you don’t mind driving off-road, jumping on roots sticking out of the soil and suffocating fallen bumps with a rubber tire, then this is your choice. In addition, the Academy is large, there are many paths, you can go towards Studhorodka, or you can turn in the direction of SFU, where you can get to the Biathlon Academy or use the high-speed downhill on Volny.

Photo: Sergei Filinin

Targashin ridge

For the most extreme bike lovers who are not afraid to break themselves and the car on steep climbs and high-speed descents. There are no cars, no asphalt, no crowds of idle pedestrians, so no one will disturb you. And nothing but hilly terrain.

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