7 types of summer transport for children who have grown out of strollers

My son is two and a half years old. Summer is coming soon, and he will want to spend more time outside – not only running, but also on anything ride

Before that, we carried our son only in a stroller: it is a quick and convenient way to move with a baby. But with age, the child becomes more independent – now we need transport that allows us to combine children’s freedom and parental control.

In this article, I will tell you what types of children’s summer transport there are and how to make a walk with them safe.

Child seat for an adult bicycle

Child’s age: from 1 to 3 years
What weight will it withstand: up to 15 kg
How much does it cost: from 4999 R

What is special. If earlier children were often transported on a metal trunk, now for this purpose you can use a special chair that is attached to the bicycle frame under the saddle. In this case, only a frame with a round pipe will do. For example, on my bike, the frame is rectangular at this point, so we installed the seat on my wife’s bike.

The chair hangs above the rear wheel on flexible metal rods – the wing will have to be removed from the wheel. The heavier the child, the more the chair sinks down: if the chair touches the wheel, it means that it is either incorrectly installed, or the child’s weight is already too much.

The height of the footrest can be adjusted in the children’s chair: the angle of bending of the knees should be 90 °. The chair also protects against side wind and wind in the back, and special side bars in the legs will protect the child from wheel spokes.

In the photo, my son is 1 year and 7 months old. He really likes to ride in the chair

Security measures. First of all, the child will need a helmet. Protection for elbows and knees is not necessary – the shape of the chair protects these parts of the body. Chairs must have seat belts, and they must be fastened: the chair bounces a lot on bumps.

With a child in a seat, it is best to drive through parks and footpaths. If you hit the roadway, follow the traffic rules: move in the direction of traffic, and at unregulated intersections, point to turns and stops with your hands. If you often ride in the dark, stick some reflective tape on the back of the chair.

Children’s bicycle

Child’s age: from 2 years
What weight will it withstand: three-wheelers up to 25 kg, two- and four-wheelers up to 40 kg
How much does it cost: tricycles from 2490 Rtwo- and four-wheelers from 6,250 R

What is special. Tricycles are suitable for a two-year-old child: they are designed for the growth of this age and play the role of the first transport with completely independent control.

For children from three to four years old, it is better to buy a four-wheeled bicycle with the ability to detach the side wheels. This is a bike for growth: on it you can adjust the height of the saddle, and when the time comes, the child can ride.for real” – on two wheels. If it doesn’t work at first, you can always go back to the simpler four-wheeled option.

Children’s bicycles can be checked in as luggage when traveling by plane. It is better to pack it so that nothing is damaged during transportation.

Tricycle models are made mainly of plastic, but metal construction is also found. Source: detmir.ru
When the child learns to ride confidently on four wheels, two can be removed and switched to a two-wheeled bicycle. Source: detmir.ru

Security measures. Try to let the child ride where there are no cars: for example, in parks and fenced areas. In the yards, it is necessary to ensure that the child does not enter the roadway – even at a speed of 20 km / h, a car can cause serious injuries. Be sure to wear a helmet on your child.

Children’s bike with parent’s handle

Child’s age: from 1.5 to 3 years
What weight will it withstand: up to 30 kg
How much does it cost: from 4000 R

What is special. It is a tricycle that is equipped with a push handle for a parent. It has two modes: when the bike is controlled by a child and when the control is completely transferred to an adult. For example, if you are crossing the road, it is better to control the traffic with the help of a handle, then turning the steering wheel by a child will not affect the movement of the bicycle.

The width of the wheels is not suitable for ramps, so such a bike will have to be carried sometimes. But it is much lighter than a stroller: it will be easy to lift it uphill in the underpass or in the entrance.

Some models have a basket for things, cup holders and a hood from the sun – it turns out a stroller that can be controlled by the child himself.

A child can turn the pedals himself, and if an adult takes control, he can put his feet on special stops

Security measures. It is necessary to ensure that the child’s feet stand on the stops and do not fall under the rotating pedals during parental control. When driving, it is better to fasten the child with a special belt, and when stopping, turn on the brake pedal to avoid accidental movement of the bicycle.


Child’s age: from 2 years
What weight will it withstand: up to 25 kg
How much does it cost: from 2559 R

What is special. Begavel is like a bicycle, but without pedals. The principle of riding is simple: the child sits on the saddle and pushes off the ground with his feet to move. You also need to brake with your feet, but on some models brake mechanisms are additionally installed. Treadmills with a brake are more expensive on average by 500 R.

When traveling by plane, a treadmill can usually be checked in as a stroller free of charge. But it is better to clarify this information in advance with the airline.

On this model, the child can brake in three ways: with his feet, with the foot brake on the rear wheel and with the help of a special handle on the steering wheel. Source: detmir.ru

Security measures. Cross-country skiing requires a helmet. Try not to let your child ride unsupervised near the road: the best places to ride are parks and fenced children’s areas in the yard.

There are no mechanisms for parental control on the scooter, but when crossing the road, the father can control the movement by holding the steering wheel with his hand.


Child’s age: from 2 to 8 years
What weight will it withstand: up to 50 kg
How much does it cost: two-wheelers from 1499 Rtricycles from 1899 R

What is special. For children from two to three years old, three-wheeled scooters are suitable: they are more stable due to the support on two front wheels. A child can learn to balance on such a scooter.

From the age of three or four, you can buy an ordinary two-wheeled scooter. It is better to choose a model with adjustable handlebar height so that it can be adjusted to the child’s height, which is changing quickly. The optimal height is when the hands are above the level of the stomach when driving: so there is less chance that the child will roll over the steering wheel.

For my child, I bought a three-wheeled scooter
In two-wheeled models, a footrest is installed so that the scooter does not lie on the ground. Source: detmir.ru

Many scooters are now manufactured in such a way that they can be folded compactly: this is convenient for traveling. When flying, a small folding scooter can often be taken into the cabin of the plane if the airline deems it safe for other passengers. If it is not possible to take the scooter into the cabin, it can be placed in the luggage compartment as a stroller.

Security measures. It is better for children to wear knee and elbow protection, and to protect their head with a helmet. As with any other children’s transport, it is best to ride a scooter away from the roadway: choose parks, squares and other areas closed to cars for scooter walks.

Scooter with parental handle

Child’s age: from 2 to 4 years with a height of 80 cm
What weight will it withstand: up to 30 kg
How much does it cost: from 4595 R

What is special. This is a scooter for the little ones: it has parental controls, two front wheels for stability and a seat for relaxation. And when the child acquires sufficient riding skills, the saddle and the parent’s handle can be removed – a normal three-wheeled scooter will be obtained.

It is important that the child sits firmly: such a scooter easily falls on its side. Therefore, it is best suited for children taller than 80 cm. At this height, the child’s legs can rest on special stops and it will be easier for him to balance.

Such a scooter is not very convenient for air travel. They won’t let you into the cabin with it, and if you put it in a box, you might have to pay extra for another piece of luggage.

The backrest on the control handle will help relieve the child’s back muscles during walks. Source: detmir.ru

Security measures. Be sure to buy a helmet for your child: on a walk, you may not notice how the child will start to fall on its side when turning. When driving the scooter, try not to turn sharply so that the child does not fall.

If there is an obstacle ahead, do not try to lift the front wheels like a wheelchair. In this position, the scooter is unstable, and constant load on the rear wheel can lead to its breakdown. It is better to go around an obstacle or lift the scooter with two hands.

Footrest for a stroller

Child’s age: from 2 to 5 years
What weight will it withstand: up to 20 kg
How much does it cost: from 5500 R

What is special. The option with a stroller is suitable for families with two children – if the younger child is in a stroller, and the older one is tired of walking next to him. The footboard looks like a small trailer that you can stand on.

Usually the footrest is attached to the rear axle: the child stands on it and holds on to the handles of the stroller, while the father is right behind him and prevents him from falling. There are models with a special handle and saddle.

The footrest is great for driving around town. It does not take up much space in houses and can be placed together with the cart in small elevators. In tighter places, it can be lifted and hung by the handle of the cart. The footrest is very manoeuvrable: the wheels rotate freely and repeat the direction of movement of the stroller.

This type of footrest attaches to the rear axle of the cart. But there are models that are attached to the side parts. Source: akusherstvo.ru

Security measures. Try not to drive over potholes: the footboard can tilt sharply and the child will fall. Very small pits can be passed between the wheels, but it is better to reduce the speed of the step.

Teach the child to climb and stand on the step only when it is stationary. And also monitor the technical condition of the attachment to the cart – if it is worn and has signs of breakage, it is better to replace it.

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