“Zenit” will stumble on “Dynamo”? Bubnov against Sportbox.ru. 10th round

The challenge to the expert was thrown by the author of Sportbox.ru Danil Britvin.

Alexander Bubnov

Another round of the RPL, another episode of the column “Bubnov vs. Sportbox.ru”. Last week, the editors managed to win one point, but the expert is still not visible without binoculars. The author of our portal Danil Britvin will try to reduce the gap this time. And who do you bet on?

“Ural” – “Akhmat”

Alexander Bubnov – 1:0. “Ahmat” recently got rid of its coach. Talalaev was removed right during the break of the match with “PARI NN”, and, of course, the team is now in a state of limbo. Resignation can be understood, but it all looked, of course, not very pretty. I think “Ural” should win on its own field. Time to get out of the relegation zone!

Daniil Britvin – 2:1. In the last round, Yekaterinburg players won their first victory of the season and are clearly in high spirits, even though they lost against CSKA in the Cup. The tournament position obliges us to fight for victory, and the good transfers and experience of Viktar Honcharenko should play their role. After the resignation of Talalaev, “Akhmat” reluctantly conceded to “Dynamo”. The decline of Grozny residents is likely to continue.

“Torpedo” – CSKA

AB – 0:3. There is definitely a clear favorite here. I am sure that CSKA will have no problems with underestimating the opponent. Fedotov is not the kind of coach who will let his guys relax. A Cup win over Sochi will give Torpedo confidence, but it won’t be enough to impose a fight on the military chasing Zenit.

DB – 2:3. The depressing series of “Torpedo” was previously colored by the victory over “Sochi” in the Cup, and the positive of the hosts of the upcoming match was really added a little. One day, the auto plant will take its place in the championship, but definitely not in the meeting with CSKA, which has gained momentum. “Torpedo” will fight, but it will not be enough.

“Rostov” – “Wings of the Soviets”

AB – 1:0. In “Rostov” everything is now in the ointment. The team is on the move, the team is stable, the game is set, Spartak was beaten in the last round… “Wings”, of course, are also gaining gradually, but this time they will suffer a defeat.

DB – 2:2. The stunning results of “Rostov” create a feeling that Karpin’s team will continue to please its fans. However, sooner or later the fort ends. “Wings”, who unexpectedly beat “Zenith” in the Cup, are capable of winning, but the home stadium factor will once again help “Rostov”. I expect an effective draw.

“Dinamo” – “Zenith”

AB – 0:2. After the cup match, it became clear that “Zenith” was preparing very seriously for “Dynamo”. Siarhei Semak gave rest to almost all the leaders – and now the people of St. Petersburg are in full combat readiness. I expect that the guests will have the game advantage and put pressure on the “white and blue”. In important matches, “Zenit” always gives its best.

DB – 1:1. After the recent defeat against “Kryla” Zenit may be on the decline. “Dinamo”, which plays closed and organized football, is quite capable of providing serious resistance to the people of St. Petersburg. If the “white and blue” play the entire 90 minutes and do not make stupid mistakes in defense, then they will be able to claim a point.

“PARY NN” — “Orenburg”

AB – 2:0. Recently, Nizhny has been playing confidently, especially at home. The team plays aggressive but balanced football. But “Orenburg” has problems with this. Marcel Lichka’s team misses an obscene amount. They will not remain dry against “PARY”.

DB – 2:1. Nizhny Novgorod went on a great winning streak and under Galaktion they are showing very attractive football. “Orenburg” after eight non-reciprocal goals from “Zenit” will surely be as angry as possible. But this is hardly enough for victory. At home “PARY NN” is very good this season.

“Krasnodar” – “Khimki”

AB – 2:1. “Krasnodar” foolishly lost Cordoba because of his comments to the referees. However, the “bulls” have enough resources not to notice the loss of a fighter. “Khimki” are still looking for themselves under the leadership of Gogniev, so they are unlikely to be able to grab the points on the road.

DB – 3:1. “Bulls” need to correct the situation after two defeats in a row and must win in the match against a dismantled opponent. The arrival of Spartak Gogniev did not shake “Khimki”, and it is difficult to believe that the fruits of the work of a talented specialist will be revealed in an away match with one of the leaders of the RPL.

“Sochi” – “Torch”

AB – 2:0. In the Cup, the Sochi residents rested their key players: Noboa and Yusupav. Without them, the team could not control the center of the field and, as a result, lost to Torpedo. However, Tachilin and Garanin will present all the leaders at the “Torch” and will surely deal with the guests from Voronezh.

DB – 2:1. The teams are completely unpredictable, and the result can only be predicted by chance. On the side of the Sochi team is the wonderful Noboa factor, and the Voronezh team will be on the mend after the victory over Lokomotiv.

Spartak – Lokomotiv

AB – 2:1. “Spartak” must win in order not to fall to the middle of the table. And all the prerequisites for this are there! Loko is clearly weaker now, especially in terms of organization. The “red-whites” have a very powerful attack, in which the best scorer of the RPL plays. So I bet on the home team in the derby.

DB – 1:0. In this pair, we want to pay attention to the coaching component. Despite two previous defeats in the RPL, Spartak looks like a team with a clear game mindset. In “Loka” the influence of the coach can be seen very faintly. Both teams have won the Cup (albeit by different numbers) after two defeats in the league and approach the face-to-face match in a heightened emotional state. But Abaskal’s team, in my opinion, looks a little better on paper.

Scoring rules:

  • Accurate score – 4 points
  • The exact goal difference is 3 points.
  • The exact outcome is 2 points

History of confrontations:

The score by rounds is 6.5:2.5

The score is 114:98


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