Zelenograd – Stories – Krukovo in the 1960s: amateur photography, football and ski trips, home and garden, friends and parents – in the memories of local resident Nikolai Niebuhr

Garden and vegetable garden

There was still a lot to do in the garden and the garden. Dig up, plant, loosen, weed, thin out, smoke, spray, tie up, overtake, dig up, collect, clean up, fertilize, dig up, transplant, uproot, rake, saw, cut, mow, cover, open, cover…

To carry out all the work, you need to have and keep in order a large household. Carpentry and carpentry tools: ax, ax, saw, anvil, hammer, planer, chisels, files, pliers… Building materials: boards, plywood, nails, screws, brushes, paints… Garden tools and equipment: wheelbarrow, scythe, shovels, forks , rake, hoes, buckets, sprayer, secateurs…

Various auxiliary materials: polyethylene film for glass jars, stands for branches of apple trees that are covered with apples, ropes, frills… And many, many other things! And all this must be stored somewhere: in the utility shed, in the workshop. And you need to be able to use all this!

The farm is big! A lot of worries! A legitimate question arises. Why did we need all this?

Well, you can still understand, in the sixties, the homestead farm provided the harvest of vegetables and fruits so necessary for the sustenance of our large family: potatoes, carrots, beets, onions, cabbage, apples, berries. But later, when our prosperity improved significantly and the older children grew up and began to live separately, it would be possible to completely do without flower beds and berry bushes.

But we did not reduce pressure and continued to work actively. And why even now city dwellers are digging in their country plots with such stubbornness? They could, it seems, relax after work, spend time with a glass of beer in front of the TV or, depending on their interests and preferences, in the gym. So no! Shaking in buses, traveling in stuffy, jam-packed electric trains, standing for hours in traffic jams on the way out of Moscow. Why?

Is it all just to plant a seed and grow a basket of cucumbers, a special red-capped tick or another garden wonder?

I seem to have found a solution to this psychological problem. In fact, it is not so simple. Because it directly comes to the sacred question: what is the happiness of a person? And here it’s so simple, you won’t answer when you go. Therefore, I will say with the caveat accepted in the Internet community IMHO. The whole point is that a person is already settled in such a way that it is vitally necessary for him to realize himself. He is truly happy only when he sets himself the tasks and solves them himself. This is the main psychological setting of any person. The meaning of his existence.

Who recorded this program for us? Of course, we will never know. But it is thanks to it that humanity develops. And that’s why it’s interesting and necessary for every person to work and get visible results of their work. And the results themselves – new buildings, a good harvest – are pleasing primarily not for their material meaning, but for the pride of a successful creation.

In his garden plot, a person has something that he may not always be able to get at his work. Here he is an architect and builder, gardener and agronomist. He is the head of the facility, an engineer, and a worker in one person. He is also a caring father and a wise teacher, has the opportunity to raise children and grandchildren in a favorable position of joint family work. And this is enough for him to realize his happiness!

That’s why, as children, we happily and enthusiastically engaged in all construction and gardening work in our house in Kraków. Here there were enough opportunities to implement unfinished plans, ideas and plans and see the results of your work! And our parents helped it with all their might. They sincerely rejoiced for us. And we were really happy!

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