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Krasnoyarsk is a city so sporty and developed in terms of various activities that residents of other regions move to us, Uladzimir Musienko, president of the regional triathlon federation, started a conversation about cycling. Triathlon, as a reminder, includes multi-sport races in swimming, cycling and athletics cross. A multiple Ironman title holder, Uladzimir Ivanovich stood at the origins of the development of many sports locations for cycling. We asked the athlete to rate the best of them.

Tatishov Island

“The popularization of cycling in Krasnoyarsk and the region is directly related to the development of Tatishiv Island. Its area is about 637 hectares, and many people prefer to ride their bikes right here,” Uladzimir Ivanovich clarifies. Now there are two bicycle paths on the island.

The first, which is a whole network of paths laid on the western part of the island, is more for lovers, its length is 9.6 km. It began to be created in 2006, and since 2009 the island has been made a separate infrastructure with a ban on the passage of cars, except for parking.

Now everyone rides on this branched bike path – roller skaters, roller skiers, scooters, and children. Therefore, a separate location with a pavilion was built for professional athletes, its length is 4 km, and it is located in the eastern part of the recreation area.

The first rule is to enter the second cycle lane – always ride with a helmet. Athletes and those who decide to ride on the same track with them should always keep to the right side and do not turn around.

The path here is reserved for all other skaters, especially parents with children in strollers. The reason is that athletes develop high speed and drive up to 50 km per hour. This is their zone, but any other adult fan can join as well, subject to strict rules.

In Tatyshiv, not only the infrastructure has been created, but also the majority of equipment rental points. Bike lanes are marked, almost without climbs, perfect asphalt. You can ride far beyond the boundaries of the asphalt bike paths, which make up a few percent of the total area of ​​the island, on forest paths. I rate the difficulty of the tracks on a 5-point scale at 1 point and at 2 points on forest paths“, Uladzimir Musienko smiles. The only obstacle can be only periodically strong westerly wind.


The left bank embankment along the street. Dubravinsky

Another (and last in terms of professional cycling placement in Musienka’s personal ranking) is embankment of the Yenisei, which extended for several kilometers parallel to Dubrovinsky Street. It is demarcated for pedestrians and cyclists, has an even barrier-free asphalt surface and is convenient for all lovers of riding around the city on a two-wheeled “iron horse”.

The bike path is not difficult, but there are practically no rental points near it. You should take a bike to Tatishiv, or bring your own.


Thunder Mane

The Thundering Mane eco-park is well-maintained a circular bike path with a length of about 5 km. It is also intended for other activities – running and skiing.

The good qualities of the park include the presence of two visitor centers, where you can leave your things and drink tea, as well as the neighborhood of Mykolaivska Sopka.

In the park, you can pleasantly diversify your sports leisure time with a walk to scenic playgrounds and playgrounds. This is important when the family goes out for a ride with the little ones and they get tired of sports.


Nicholas Hill

Uladzimir Musienko refused to name the road from the upper visitor center of “Grimachaya Hryva” to Mykolaivskaya Sopka as a convenient location for cycling: the ascent and steep descent are too high. In addition, the road and sidewalk are not specially designed for cyclists.

However, if you have a strong desire, you can still ride along the road if you calculate your strength. At the top, tired athletes will be greeted by a magnificent and possibly the best view of the mountains, the city and the surrounding area thanks to the scenic area. Uladzimir Musienko rated the potential track at 5 points in terms of difficulty.

Vacation Island

In Soviet times, Otpachynku Island was the best version of Tatishov Island today. It had the best beaches, a park with merry-go-rounds and a Ferris wheel, pavilions with food.

Now, a large part of the island, which is not built with sports facilities, is occupied by an urban forest, which is crossed by asphalt paths. You can easily and pleasantly ride along them, especially since there is no such stream of active athletes on bicycles, as there is on Tatyshiv. There are many forest trails and there is even a homemade skate park from the ground up.

You will have to take the equipment with you: a few years ago there were a couple of rental points here, but they have been closed for a long time.


From Rest Island, it is easy to reach the right-bank embankment along Gladkova Street. It doesn’t have a dedicated bike lane, but it’s the best place in town for a slow bike ride in the morning. Near the straits, summer fog from the Yenisei, a view of the wooded part of Otpachynku Island and a dramatically perfect utility bridge.

However, it will not be suitable for more demanding athletes due to the different types of coverage, the abundance of pedestrians, dog breeders and the relatively short duration.

Divnohorsk embankment

There are also good places for cyclists in the Krasnoyarsk agglomeration. In Divnohorsk, after the recent reconstruction of the embankment, there is a place where you can ride a bicycle freely. The two-kilometer distance is easily surmountable even by the most novice cyclists. Those who are more prepared are also recommended to drive to the Krasnoyarsk HPP: it is approximately 7 km by road.

But the bike will most likely have to be taken to Krasnoyarsk: there is one rental point on the embankment in Divnohorsk. It is most convenient to bring the “iron horse” either by private transport or by train. Transportation of sports equipment is possible in the vestibule, but free of charge.


Tracks under the city

But the most inconspicuous place for a bicycle race, according to Uladzimir Musienka, are highways outside the city, for example, towards Zhaleznagorsk. According to him, you should ride on the roads carefully, equipping your bicycle with front and rear lights or headlights. It is also necessary to wear a helmet. And this type of cycling is possible only for adults.

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Photo: Uladzimir Musienka, Channel 7 Krasnoyarsk, visitsiberia.info, Projektdevelopment site

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