“Tour de Sverdlovsk”. In the center of Yekaterinburg, a race of bicycle fans took place

There is an opinion that Yekaterinburg is called the unspoken capital of bicycles. Here

many picturesque routes, and every year residents increasingly choose to

the benefit of an ecological mode of transport and get to work on an iron horse. But here

large mass competitions have not been held in the city for a long time. But this summer on Day

builder, bike enthusiasts have finally waited for their hour.

Two routes

It’s morning, but the air in the city has already warmed up. Participants in colorful T-shirts ride to the center on road bikes with thin rims. They are not pros at all, as it may seem at first: many of them are new to cycling, and most are just lovers of an active lifestyle. But all these people have awakened a competitive spirit.

The organizers of the bike race were a little nervous before the start: about five hundred participants had registered – will they all fit on the track? But especially for the race, the central streets of the city were blocked, and the athletes started in two stages. Participants were offered distances of 14 and 28 kilometers. In order to receive a commemorative medal at the finish line, cyclists had to meet the time limit. At 14 kilometers, it is an hour and a half, at 28 kilometers – an hour and fifteen minutes. Both routes are ringed and passed by city attractions. The track offered a picturesque view of the city pond, Platinka and the Temple of Blood.

“We thought that there are not enough mass bicycle races in the city so that everyone who wants to can take part, that’s how the idea was born,” says the organizer of the bicycle race, Vera Belavus. – The participants are delighted: where else will they have the chance to ride a bike through the city center, on a car-free avenue?

It is no coincidence that the race is held on Builder’s Day. Representatives of construction companies participate in it – it depends on them how the infrastructure for cyclists will develop in Yekaterinburg, whether there will be new bicycle lanes and parking lots. I think, after driving through the main streets, they made useful conclusions.

And the festive bicycle race unites people. I saw how the race participants got to know each other right on the track, learned to be considerate of each other, pedestrians and motorists. All this is important for the development of cycling culture in our city. Maybe one day we will have our own Ural Tour de France”.

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