“They showed good football. Only the completion of the attacks failed” (September 16, 2022) – Dynamo Kyiv by Shurik

On Thursday, September 15, in the match of the 2nd round of the Europa League group stage, Dynamo Kyiv lost 0:1 to AEK Cyprus. The meeting took place in Krakow, Poland. Your attention is the post-match press conference of the head coach of the Ukrainian team, Mirchi Lucescu.

Mircea Lucescu

– What prevented “Dynamo” from achieving a positive result today?

– Psychological state. We dominated the pitch, especially in the second half, and played a good game overall. They got to the end zone, but couldn’t complete the final pass. Our mistakes do not lie in the technical or tactical plane, but stem only from the psychological state. That’s why we started the match badly, conceded a quick goal and gave Larnaca the opportunity to defend and counter-attack the rest of the match.

It’s a shame our goal wasn’t awarded because as far as I could see, there was no offside at that point. Even VAR makes mistakes.

In the difficult situation we are in now, we needed a win and we tried to do everything we could to get it.

– Do you think that the first 30 minutes became decisive during the match?

– We started the game very badly. Football players made elementary mistakes, gave inaccurate passes. In the moment preceding the missed goal, our player was forced to foul – this is exactly the psychological situation.

And it affected the result of the whole match, because Larnaca knew how to keep the score. This team has a good selection of football players, some of them played in Spain, Portugal, France. The opponents defended very well and skillfully interrupted the game. Once the goalkeeper held the ball for six seconds – that’s too much. When I played football, I had four seconds to throw the ball.

After conceding a goal, we tried to recover as quickly as possible, but, as I said, we made mistakes in passing. However, we still have four matches ahead of us. After the international break, some footballers will return to the squad and we will try to look better. However, it should be noted that we played good football today. The only let down was the completion of the attacks.

– After the match with “Dnipro-1” you said that you can leave “Dynamo”. Has your position changed now?

– This is a difficult question, because the situation is very difficult. I actually thought about it at one point. However, someone has to be with the footballers and help them through this difficult moment.

We have to concentrate on the championship and the Europa League. As I said at the pre-match press conference, now we don’t have a base, we don’t play at home, we move every few days, and the families of football players are scattered in different countries of Europe. Therefore, it is difficult for players to concentrate on football. However, we have to get through this difficult period keeping Dynamo at a high level. We need positive results.

The situation is repeated: in the match with Fenerbahce, we missed a goal after a corner and a throw-in, with Benfica, we gave the ball to the opponent. This happens not because the team is not playing, but because of mental problems. We have young players, so maybe they are more stressed than more experienced players.

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