The Street Basketball Center – Basketball opened in Nalchik

On Monday, September 12, the first Street Basketball Center in Kabardino-Balkaria was opened in Nalchik as part of a joint project of the PSB and RFB.

This Street Basketball Center became the eleventh sports complex within the framework of the First All-Russian Sports Project PSB for Children.

The street basketball center with a total area of ​​4,000 square meters includes five courts that comply with FIBA ​​regulations and allow for competitions of any level.

“Our joint project with PSB continues and is gaining momentum. We opened the second after Stavropol in the North Caucasus and the southernmost Street Basketball Center. Thanks to him, almost a quarter of a million people will be able to play basketball every year. Nalchik has wonderful and very active fans with hot blood. I hope that here we will see many bright, hot battles. And the guys who will go to the center’s courts will continue to be great fans of our game,” said RFB president Andrei Kirylenko.

“Another Street Basketball Center within the framework of the “PSB – Children” project was opened today for all lovers of sports and an active lifestyle. Such projects change the urban environment, becoming a center of attraction for residents, motivating children and youth to achieve great sports. In Nalchik, the playground is located in the immediate vicinity of the Children’s Academy of Creativity, a college, a school, a kindergarten, and therefore, for hundreds and thousands of children, sports will become even more accessible. Perhaps it will be fateful for some of them, and in a few years we will see them at major competitions defending the sports honor of the region and the country. Creating such values ​​is an important mission, and therefore it is especially valuable for PSB to develop projects capable of influencing the future of our children and our country,” noted Deputy Chairman of PSB Siarhei Platonov.

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