The Slamdunk Leagues (SLS) system is recruiting players for the new fantasy basketball season.

SLS is one of the few orderly systems of NBA fantasy basketball leagues on Runet. There are three divisions in the system, between which players are transferred according to the results of the season.

What is fantasy sports?

Fantasy is a virtual game in which players are measured against the statistics of real athletes while assembling their own virtual teams. You can have LeBron, Harden, or anyone else on your team.

When the real Stephen Curry steps onto the court in an official NBA game and hits five threes, those bucks go into the coffers of your virtual team with Steph playing for them. Anthony Davis blocks 3 shots against Boston? Get them for yourself. And so on according to various statistical categories, which are determined in advance before the start of the season. Whoever has more (or less, as in losses) wins.

In other words, the player’s task is to predict which of the real athletes will fry in the statistics in the coming season. Couldn’t predict well? No problem, because there are exchanges with other managers and work with free agents.

Fantasy basketball will make the NBA even closer, watching players and teams will become much more interesting.

You can leave an application for participation until 00:00 (Moscow time) on September 17, i.e. until the end of Friday the 16th.


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