The girl helped catch the man who stole her bike

A previously convicted man hurried to the “Forward” bicycle. He noticed a two-wheeler near one of the banks. The attacker even asked customers whose bikes were parked at the entrance. And as soon as he realized that it belonged to a 14-year-old person, he stole it. Little did he know that the schoolgirl had remembered the signs of the man, and was too shy to ask passers-by for a cell phone to report the crime to the police.

The girl told the police that she had come to Chabarkul to visit her father. That day I went to ride a bicycle, which cost almost 16 thousand rubles. She left her two-wheeler unattended near the bank, as she only planned to stay at the financial institution for a short time.

The stranger had enough time not only to collect someone else’s property, but also to sell it. He sold the stolen goods for 1 thousand rubles. Now he will have to compensate the child’s family. And he risks getting behind bars. A criminal case was opened against him. And taking into account that he was on a special investigation in the district department after serving his sentence for a crime against a person, the man risks being taken into custody.

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