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“Zenit” defender Vitaly Fridzon said that the NBA has become completely uninteresting to him. “There is real basketball in Europe, interesting matches,” said Fridzon.

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Vitaly Fridzon

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The former captain of the Russian national team, Vitaliy Fridzon, believes that European basketball has become much more interesting than the NBA. The Zenit defender told Metaratings about it.

“The NBA is not interesting now, to be honest. This is a show, not basketball. 60 points per match from one player is ridiculous. I don’t like that kind of basketball,” Fridzon said.

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According to Friedson, the NBA was much better during Michael Jordan’s time. “That’s when the NBA was the NBA! It was interesting to watch, we were waiting for the program with Gomelsky, we were recording. The NBA was like basketball back then. There was a contact game, and now it’s a show for viewers and ratings,” the basketball player noted.

Fridzon added that he watches the Euroleague with great pleasure. “There is real basketball in Europe, interesting matches. I enjoy watching the Euroleague, it’s really interesting. Tactics, matches of coaches, players. For me, it’s much more interesting than the NBA,” he concluded.

Fridzon played 18 games for Zenit in the VTB United League last season, averaging 3.2 points and 1.4 rebounds. The 36-year-old basketball player helped Zenit win the tournament for the first time in history.

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