The 3-on-3 basketball festival among the teams of the South and North Caucasus Federal Districts started in the Danish capital

Rostov region, 16 September 2022. TV channel “DON 24”. Competitions of this level are being held in our city for the first time, so they have already become historic. More than 200 athletes from 12 regions of Russia came to the festival. The Open Basketball Festival is a new all-Russian 3-on-3 basketball project, created with the participation of the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation and the Russian Basketball Federation.

Samvel Arakelyan, Minister of Physical Culture and Sports of the Rostov Region:
“We are happy to hold such an event, in the future we will only increase the number and do everything to make it colorful and spectacular. To engage our children in this wonderful sport – 3-on-3 basketball.”

On the first day, the youngest participants, boys and girls up to 19 years of age, entered the fight on Danish land. Rostov Oblast has the largest representation in this age group, 12 of the 14 teams are Danish.

By the way, the men’s team from Dagestan has good chances of success, unlike our region, basketball is not so well developed in the Caucasus.

Bibir Akhmaev, team of State Medical University (Makhachkala):
“Not because I would like to, there are not enough conditions for basketball, but now the right people are working in this direction. We hope that in the future there will be more competitions, a basketball structure will appear.”

The rules in 3-on-3 basketball are different from classic basketball. The game is played on a court measuring 15 by 14 meters, which is half the size of a standard basketball court. Both sides play on one ring, the height of which is 305 centimeters. As in basketball, there is a 3-point zone in streetball, however, scoring in a 3-on-3 game is completely different: 1 point – for a thrown ball within the 3-point zone, 2 points – outside the 3-point zone. The team is given only 12 seconds to attack, and if a throw is not made during this time, the game projectile is given to the opposite side. According to the results of three days, the winners in each age group will be determined, who will represent our region in the finals of the “League Region 3 on 3” division at the end of September this year in Tula.

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