Start of cycling season: 43% of Russians plan to go cycling

Russia’s largest ready-made food delivery service and one of the leaders of the food delivery market, Delivery Club, and the ResearchMe analytical center conducted a survey on the attitude of Russians to cycling on the eve of the start of the cycling season in the country.

1.5 thousand residents of Russia who live in cities with a population of over 1 million took part in the survey.

It turned out that 43% of respondents plan to ride a bicycle, and some of them have already opened the 2022 cycling season. For most Russians, the bicycle remains a way to spend free time and have fun (56%), some use it for sports (39%), as well as for trips to work or study (21%).

Moreover, 59% of respondents said that they ride a bike often – every day or once every few days. Despite the growing popularity of sharing services, 68% of respondents said they use their own bike to get around.

Russians do not neglect their own safety: 43% use at least one or more means of protection, such as knee pads or a helmet. Many respondents are closely following the changes in traffic laws. Yes, 76% at least sometimes check innovations. Moreover, the majority of respondents (45%) rate their knowledge of traffic laws as at least “good”, and 32% – as “excellent”.

Delivery Club is consistently working to improve cycling safety. In 2021, the company and KB Strelka released a large-scale study dedicated to the development of bicycle infrastructure in cities with millionaires.

Analysts studied the location of bike lanes in cities and compared it with routes that are most popular with couriers and cyclists. Also, the service, with the expert support of Strelka KB, launched a training program for bicycle couriers.

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