“Prizes are nice, of course, but we just like to win.” Frolkina sisters on the bronze medal of the Spartakiad in basketball

The Spartakiads of the strongest basketball players Volga and Yevheniya Frolkina, who became bronze medalists, told “Match TV” that the prize money was not the main motivation for participating in the tournament, and they also admitted that it was morally difficult to adjust to the match for bronze after losing in the semifinals.

In the bronze match of the Spartakiad women’s basketball tournament, the Kursk Oblast national team, represented by the sisters, won a victory over the Moscow Oblast team on Monday in Moscow – 78:69. The gold went to the Moscow team, which defeated the Sverdlovsk Oblast team in the final (74:54).

— After today’s final, Anna Lyashkovtseva and Anastasia Lagunova will each have two medals of the Spartakiad — both in classical basketball and in 3×3. Why is it wrong with you?

– And we ourselves do not know! We were not even asked. Kursk Oblast did not participate in the Spartakiad, and perhaps could not declare a team. Although we would play with great pleasure. They really missed 3×3 basketball, – the sisters told the correspondent of “Match TV”.

– The match for bronze always has to be played against the background of disappointment from the semi-finals. How are you feeling?

– Today is much better! I am very glad, – said Evgenia Frolkina.

– They were upset yesterday, of course. Yes, indeed, it was not easy to gather morally for one more match. But now, finally, we feel joy and relief, – added Olga.

– For you, the Spartakiad is more of another tournament or an opportunity to compete for prizes?

– Of course, we knew about the cash prize… – said Olga Frolkina.

– …It is, of course, good. But first of all, we like to win. For the team and for themselves, – Yevgenia noted.

– The start of the club season is ahead, Dynamo Kursk and I are actively preparing for it and we were glad to finally play basketball. And the prize is a nice bonus – Olga Frolkina believes.

– Very pleasant! – added Eugenia.

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