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On Saturday, September 10, 2022, the international basketball project “Her World, Her Rules” took place in Krasnoyarsk for the first time. This year, our Krasnoyarsk became the sixth city in the Russian Federation where this unique sports event took place. In 2022, in addition to our city, it was held in 5 other Russian cities: Tula, Vologda, Yesentuki, Nizhnyakamsk, Yarshova village (Odintsov district, Moscow region).

Russia took part in this international project for the first time in 2021, successfully implementing it in 5 cities of our country (Moscow, Mytishchi, Yekaterinburg, Rostov-on-Don and Samara). The International Basketball Federation (FIBA) is the ideological inspiration and organizer of this project.

In our city, this project was able to be realized thanks to the Russian Basketball Federation (RBF) and took place in the format of a master class of the invited coach of the RFB Natalya Myrkulava, which was held at the professional basketball arena of the sports school of the Olympic reserve “Krasnoyarsk” (USSR “Krasnoyarsk”).

The main participants of “Her world, her rules” were young basketball players from 10 to 15 years old, and the assistants of Natalya Myrkulova were the coaches of the Krasnoyarsk U.S. SSR, Ekaterina Radchikova, Yana Bogdanova, and Uladzimir Hrytsina. The invited guests of the project were the head coach of the women’s youth team BC “Yenisei” Alena Shulzhenka and the players of the women’s team BC “Yenisei” – 2″ Daria Kirylenko, Anastasia Bulanova, Sviatlana Samushava and Lizaveta Nelasii.

Before the start of the master class, Tatsiana Burdava, the director of the Krasnoyarsk State Educational and Scientific Research Center, addressed all the project participants with a welcoming speech. For two hours, the intense and emotional process of transferring professional experience and teaching project participants specific sports skills aimed at developing individual qualities in young basketball players continued. After its completion, a traditional free conversation of all project participants took place in the “Question-Answer” format, where everyone could ask a question of interest, ask for advice or share their impressions. And at the end of the whole event, the invited guests presented souvenirs and memorable gifts to all project participants, organized a photo session and signed autographs.

Alena Shulzhenka, head coach of the women’s youth team of BC “Yenisei”: “All of us took part in the master class with pleasure. The kids really liked it, and that’s the most important thing. I am very interested in everything connected with the development of basketball. Especially events that take place in a warm, friendly atmosphere. I would like to advise girls to do everything meaningfully – this is what today’s youth so lacks, to love what you do and set high goals for yourself. Because if you really want to, they will definitely be achieved.”

Natalya Myrkulova, coach of the RFB, master of sports in basketball, three-time champion of Russia, champion of the Golf Gold Conference of the US national championship, silver medalist of the Spanish championship, bronze medalist of the Slovenian championship: “Our master class is aimed at attracting as many as possible to basketball the female half of children – girls, to show parents and coaches how cool it is, how much it helps the child to develop his qualities, not only in terms of physical, but also moral, purposeful. My task is to show parents that it is safe, that it is aimed at health, that the child enjoys sports and at the same time, it can be prepared for some life stages that he will have to face in the future. And women’s basketball, the women’s team is one of the best, where you can have a great time and at the same time compete for some medals, go somewhere in competitions, go on trips, etc. It’s very great. I would like to thank the organizers. Thank you for hosting us in your beautiful city, in a stunning hall. Thank you to your director Tatsiana Burdava. I think this project is just starting to gain momentum. I hope that next year we will have even more Russian cities, even more opportunities and even more things to show. I am in awe of your city. I’m here for the first time. Thank you very much. You have wonderful children, enthusiastic coaches and I hope that we will come back here many times. Thank you.”

The Sports School of the Olympic Reserve “Krasnoyarsk” expresses sincere and deep gratitude to the Russian Basketball Federation for organizing the international basketball project “Her World, Her Rules” in the city of Krasnoyarsk and to all those who took part in it.

Her World, Her Rules is FIBA’s best-known campaign to promote and raise awareness of women’s basketball in Europe through various events and activities organized in collaboration with national federations.

The project started in 2019 and was a great success all over the world. More than 70 national basketball federations have received grants that have helped attract a large number of school-age girls to basketball.

The main objectives of the project are to increase the popularity of women’s basketball at the local and national level, to increase interest among elementary school girls in basketball, to attract the attention of the mass media to women’s basketball, and to create the necessary conditions to inspire and encourage young female athletes to play basketball.

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