Less stress, better sleep. Why you should participate in the “Torque moment” bike ride

The benefits of cycling are hard to overstate. The popularity of this method of movement in our city is growing rapidly – ​​thanks in part to the annual Revda-info.ru bike ride “Twisting moment”. The loss of the action is on August 27 (by the way, one of the participants will receive a bicycle from our sponsors). In the meantime, we remind you why it is useful to turn the pedals.

Another plus of a bicycle is that cycling strengthens relationships. Traveling together is more fun and interesting! Photo // Archive of Revda-info.ru

Stamina increases

With the help of regular cycling, you can increase cardiorespiratory endurance – this is a parameter that reflects the efficiency of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems during physical exertion and at rest. In order to achieve the desired result, it is important to take into account the heart rate during training. For a 35-year-old person, the optimal heart rate during bicycle training to improve endurance is from 138 to 157 beats per minute. The optimal duration of such an activity is from 30 to 60 minutes.

The cycling tour “Torque moment – 2022” will be held on August 27. Here we have collected all the most important information about the promotion. Read on and join us at the launch!

Sight is supported

Vigorous physical activity, such as cycling and running, helps reduce the risk of developing age-related cataracts, the leading cause of blindness in the elderly. A cyclist must always carefully monitor the road. Especially on rough terrain, in crowded places and on mountain paths, and in this way the eye muscles are trained, which leads to improved vision.

At the same time, on sunny days, it is important not to forget about sunglasses during cycling training outside (it is better to buy glasses at an optician, and not at the first store you come across).

Stronger sleep

People who regularly ride a bicycle sleep better, say Canadian scientists. Cycling helps you get a good night’s sleep better than other types of exercise. In order to sleep well and fall asleep quickly, it is enough to ride a bike for 30-60 minutes a day, but it is important to remember that the bike ride itself should be intense.

This is our journalist Tatsiana Zamyatina during the test of this year’s route. Drove more than 30 kilometers. And then slept very well! Photo // Alexander Semkau

The brain starts to work better

Home cycling training is beneficial for people with dementia. But in this case, we are talking about so-called interactive cycling: a person pedals in front of the screen, and it simulates moving around the city.

The results of the observation showed that such classes help to improve the quality of life and preserve cognitive abilities. But self-medication is not allowed, control and consultation of the attending physician is necessary.

Immunity is strengthened

Exercise has a positive effect on the health of the upper respiratory tract, thereby reducing the likelihood of colds.

Blood circulation improves

People who have a genetic predisposition to varicose veins can benefit from cycling. At the moment of making twisting movements with the legs, the blood begins to actively circulate through the blood vessels, without stagnating anywhere. At the same time, there is no shock load when riding a bicycle, which is good for the joints.

Stress is relieved

Cycling is the easiest and fastest way to get a dose of happy hormones. Cycling, like other cycling sports, is a great way to distract yourself from unpleasant thoughts. Try to drive at least a couple of kilometers – all the excess will fly out of your head right away. Monotonous movements, measured breathing – all this automatically puts thoughts and feelings in order.

Weight decreases

When you press on the pedals, a large number of calories are burned, unwanted deposits in the thigh area are reduced. At the same time, your body burns fat not only during movement, but also for several hours afterwards. And those who ride fast, but for short distances, burn several times more fat than those who ride long, but slower.

There are contraindications. Specialist consultation is required.

How to register for a bike ride

  • ONLINE – UNTIL 6:00 PM Friday, August 26. Follow this link and fill out the google form. Or scroll to the end of the material.
  • IN THE EDITORIAL OFFICE on st. P.Zykina, 32 (office 208) from August 8 from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Come, fill out a paper questionnaire.
  • You can pay the registration fee in the editorial office (you filled out the form online or in person at our office) in cash or by card. There will be a discount with the “Revdy’s Discounts” card.
  • To pay online, open your bank’s app, select the QR code payment option and scan the code. IMPORTANT: When making a payment, in the “Payment note / payment purpose” field, write the name of the member(s) for whom you are paying the fee. To get your card, show or print your payment receipt.
  • Cards are issued to EVERYONE who registered at the start (regardless of the date of your registration).
Reminder to pay the tax online.

Who supports the bike ride “Torque – 2022”

The general sponsor is the Kabex cable factory. “Kabex” is a modern high-tech cable production. We have been working for you for 20 years. Address: Revda, st. Privakzalnaya, 2a, phone +7 (343) 380-08-87.


  • Cozy cafe and food delivery “Sushi Fresh”. Rolls, sushi, pizza, desserts, salads, coffee and cocktails in the warmest atmosphere in town. Address: st. M. Gorkaho, 9. We work every day from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. We accept orders until 22:00! Tel. +7 (953) 053-87-03.
  • Shop “Krugaglyad”. 10% off from 9am to 1pm in the toy department daily. 15% discount on the 15th of every month. Social discounts of 10%. str. M. Gorkaho, 21, tel. 5-50-53.
  • Farm “Revdzinsky Ostrich”. Ostriches in Revd only in one place, only on Pugachova, 162. We work from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. every day. Tel. +7 (950) 657-00-38.
  • Service center “Flagman”. Repair of TVs, laptops, smartphones. Sale of spare parts and accessories for household and mobile appliances. str. Spartaka 9a (birch), second floor, office 6, tel. 3-77-85.
  • Regional real estate center “Absolut”. All real estate transactions, legal and insurance services, construction of facilities, carpentry. Tourism in Russia, advertising services in the Absolyut-info newspaper. str. Mira, 35, tel. 8 (34397) 3-30-65. Degtyarsk, st. Kalinin, 40, tel. 8 (34397) 6-15-70. General tel. +7 (912) 211-44-77, 8-800-250-74-88.
  • Circus studio “Astar”. str. Zhukovsky, 10, tel. +7 (932) 608-99-90.
  • Shop “Furniture Economy”. “Furniture Economy” is available in every home! Throughout August, 2 super promotions for schoolchildren and their parents. Furniture from the manufacturer, fast production time. str. Klubnaya, 8 Granat shopping center, 1st floor. Tel. or WhatsApp +7 (919) 380-54-87. We work every day from 10:00 to 19:00.
  • Fitness club “Vitamin”. Fitness club “Vitamin” is a place where goals are achieved! We created Vitamin so that you can achieve results in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere with professional trainers. str. Kalinina, 2, tel. +7 (922) 138-82-81.
  • “Water Station”: a huge sandbox, darts, trampolines, sup-boards, delicious chabureks and milkshakes. str. Podbukhtorshchikov, 3A.
  • Golden Calf Jewelry Store. Ares: st. M. Gorkaho, 36. tel. 5-22-99.
  • Shop “Electric Light”. “Kamea” shopping center (48 M. Gorkaho St.), phone number – 8 (343) 345-05-45 ext. 3.
  • Guest house, sauna, swimming pool, barbecue area and gazebo from Sm House. We have everything for a comfortable stay. Tel. +7 (982) 603-87-23.
  • Repair of computers, telephones, tablets, televisions, printers and refilling of cartridges “Prime Service”. str. P.Zykina, 32, office. 310, tel. +7 (953) 050-62-62.
  • Sm House guest house, sauna, swimming pool, barbecue area and gazebo. We have everything for a comfortable stay. Tel. +7 (982) 603-87-23.
  • Repair of computers, telephones, tablets, televisions, printers and refilling of cartridges “Prime Service”. str. P.Zykina, 32, office. 310, tel. +7 (953) 050-62-62.
  • Shop “PROFITENERGA” is a proven manufacturer and supplier of energy equipment, supports, street lighting, and metal structures. str. Engelsa, 57, 1st floor, tel. +7 (982) 717-10-99.


  • Aqua Viva. AquaViva clean water delivery, phones – +7 (34397) 3-97-92, +7 (912) 630-42-71.
  • SUP-boards for rent. Great vacation in Reuda. Extraordinary recreation on the water. Favorable rental conditions and cool experiences. Don’t deny yourself the pleasure, make a reservation, tel. +7 (900) 038-72-35.
  • Maintenance and repair of bicycles, rental of electric scooters, sapboards, longboards and bicycles from “Velo Reuda”. str. Zhukovsky, 17, tel. +7 (965) 500-30-90.
  • Photo studio “Space” – This is a place for photoshoots, birthdays and events for up to 35 guests, as well as package offers “Turnkey Photo Session”: make-up, studio rental and professional photographer services at an attractive price. str. Mira, 4c, tel. +7 (912) 672-89-01.
  • A rcy Underwear Store. ARCY: Perfect quality at a fair price. Each set of underwear is unique. ARCY is not only underwear, it is a philosophy of life. In ARCY underwear you will catch admiring glances, because a girl’s confidence starts with exciting underwear. Yekaterinburg, str. 21 Roschynskaya Street, phone: +7 (982) 651-48-38.
  • Video shot by Dmitriy Shamyakin’s team. Shamyakin.com is a team of videographers working in the reportage industry. Our product is not a series of frames with sound design. We give you the opportunity to travel to the past in a noisy company or in a circle of friends, the opportunity to once again see and experience all the joyful and touching moments. Tel. +7 (919) 399-21-85.
  • Confectionery factory “Ural-shock”. str. Yaroslavsky, 9.
  • SM.MOTO.REVDA — rental of enduro motorcycles and quad bikes. Stunning routes, experienced instructor, Equipment, instruction. Tel. +7 (912) 282-09-52.
  • Construction hardware store “Krepezhkin”. Large selection of hardware products, professional power tools, consumables, welding equipment, chainsaws, perforated fasteners, rigging, paint and more. Very favorable prices, big discounts for large buyers. str. Engelsa, 61c, tel. +7 (922) 20-30-662.
  • PROFIT personal training fitness studio. Group programs: functional training, step, dancing for everyone, Yoga & Functional in hammocks, healthy back. Mini-groups, personal training, personal guidance to the result. For children: children’s fitness, aerial yoga in hammocks. Everything is homemade. Friendly atmosphere. Support of like-minded people, improvement of health and quality of life. Our classes help to see the world with new eyes. The result is visible and tangible already in the first month of classes. str. Mira, 38a (2nd floor), tel. +7 (902) 269-90-75.

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