Krasnoyarsk teams will play in the elite of student basketball – Basketball in Krasnoyarsk

The men’s and women’s teams of the Krasnoyarsk Region became members of the elite division of the Student Basketball Association – the Student League of the Republic of Moldova.

The teams will consist of students from local universities, as well as youth players of BC “Yenisei”. The men’s team is called “Yenisei-SFU”, the women’s team is called “Yenisei”. Both teams will be represented by Yenisei Basketball USA.

“In 2019, the Krasnoyarsk Territory became the capital of world student sports. In terms of infrastructure, the Universiade had a serious impact on the city and sports in particular. This season, it was decided to participate in the strongest student championship of the country. We are looking forward to the start of the season! The main goal is to represent our region worthily and gain a foothold in the Student League of the Russian Railways!”, – noted the manager of the “Yenisei” SSOR and the regional representative of the JSC in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, Aleksei Chizhov.

By the 2022/2023 season, the Association expanded the number of teams to 29 men’s and 24 women’s teams, which also included representatives of Belarus and Kazakhstan. The Student Basketball Association (SBA) is the largest student sports league in Europe. It unites more than 800 teams from 70 regions of Russia, as well as the CIS countries, and annually holds more than 5 thousand matches. About a third of the country’s professional basketball players have experience playing in the AAB championship.

As a reminder, in February 2023, Krasnoyarsk will host the Student Basketball All-Star Match, in which the best basketball players of the league will play.

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