Karpin on refereeing: “Football is turning into basketball – you get touched with your little finger and it’s a foul” – Football

Valery Karpin spoke about refereeing in this season of Mir RPL.

– The match “Torpedo” – “Rostov” turned out to be nervous and led to a refereeing scandal. The commission recognized that Kamlichenko was not fouled, and the penalty was awarded by mistake. There are no fears that now in such martial arts the referees will whistle a foul on your forward?

– There are such concerns. I do not agree with the commission’s decision.

As far as I understand the nuances, the situation is as follows – it is considered that Kamlichenko fouled before the ball was put into play, and then, when the ball was in play, Kamlichenko was fouled. Usually at corner kicks, when the ball is not in play, the referee approaches and gives a warning… But one thing is what happens before the ball goes into play, another is what happens afterwards. That’s how you evaluate the moment when the ball is in play and someone blocked someone and prevented them from playing the ball.

– Did you discuss it with the referees?

– Yes, with one former referee – he said that the moment from Kamlichenko was not a penalty. But if you consider the moment by episodes, then yes – my interpretation is correct. And if we consider from the point of view that the forwards should not be allowed to fight in the penalty area and their violations should be recorded – then the big strikers will have difficulties.

Football is a force contact game where people on the field fight. Sasha Sobolev, Dyuba earlier, our Kamlichenko – they are used to fighting in the penalty area, this is their manner. And if you record the whole struggle as a foul, there will only be whistles in the penalty area in favor of the defense.

This decision is not for the benefit of football, not for the benefit of the attack and forwards, who are used to fighting for the ball in the penalty area.

– The indignation on the part of “Torpedo” was great. The key claim – have you seen matches where 2 penalty kicks and such a score on cards. Your opinion?

– Regarding the fact that penalties were missed – these are the rules now. These are the same words that the referees told me about the penalty in our goal at Pesiakov in one of the matches. Yes, they told me, we understand it’s not a penalty, but these are the rules now.

Or there was a similar moment in the “Wings” – CSKA match, when a player kicked the ball in a tackle, and then by inertia his leg hit the opponent’s leg – and someone says that it is a penalty. Those who now interpret the rules like this can themselves go into the tackle and try to manage to remove the leg in such an episode. How to do it physiologically?

And the judges say that if they do not register a foul at such moments, they will be punished. And I understand the judges, such are the interpretations now. And the question here is not for judges, but for interpretations. Because football turns into basketball – you throw, you are touched with the little finger, and it is a foul, – said the head coach of “Rostova”.

“Rostov” hit the same penalty three times for 90+ 😱 Two saves of “Torpedo” were canceled, and the goal was scored!

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