I twist as I want…

Have you ever seen children jumping and spinning low bikes under themselves on the Theater Square of Norilsk? These are beemixers.

BMX (English Bicycle Moto Xtream) is a type of bicycle invented by adult motocross enthusiasts for training. BMX sport appeared later, three of its disciplines even became Olympic: BMX freestyle, BMX dirt and BMX racing. The main distinguishing feature of this bike is extremes. For example, the seat is lowered as low as possible, because people involved in VMH, in principle, do not use it. At the same time, the steering wheel is installed non-standardly, everyone chooses how to adjust it: forward or backward, depending on which style is convenient for whom. The frame is necessarily light, but at the same time sprockets, carriages, bushings, spokes, rims are strengthened as much as possible so that these stunt bikes can withstand increased load.

– The brakes on them are removed – this is how athletes lighten the bike, they even cut the brake cable mounts to lighten the weight, – explains Aflatun Mehraliev. – A few grams do not play any role, but if you perform a bunny hop, spin a bicycle under you or take off on a roller coaster, then these grams give off nobility. These bikes also have a lot of rubber. Beemixers brake with their foot, bringing it under the seat. The soles of these guys’ socks are always worn, so you can easily recognize them. But in Norilsk, units ride at the VMH, I know three people who do it regularly. These are young kids, informal, their main hangout is the skate park at the Youth Center, and also Theater Square. Many people have heard about VMH, but few admire it, because it is difficult. For example, in Krasnoyarsk, in the largest extreme sports center in Siberia, “Sportex”, there are full-fledged classes with coaches in two techniques: trick skating and demonstration performances. And we haven’t developed it yet.

The minimum price of such a bicycle in online stores is from 14,000 rubles. But here you need to understand that in this case you are actually buying only scraps. Enthusiastic Beemixers must “pump up” their bike: separately purchase a lightweight frame, high-quality carriage, connecting rods, bushings, independently install the spokes, thereby strengthening the wheels. In such an assembly, the cost of VMH increases to 100-150 thousand rubles. Some add pegs, special tubes that attach to wheel hubs on one or both sides to perform tricks and slide on pipes and other surfaces.

Mountain paths

MTB (abbreviation of mountain bike – mountain bike) is a bicycle designed for riding off-road, in mountains and forests at high speed. In 1990, mountain biking was recognized by the International Cycling Union (UCI), and today the sport has 10 disciplines with sub-species.

This bike is serious – it has a reinforced trapezoidal frame, its rear part is more mobile, because there is also a shock absorber, and not just the front, as usual. The emphasis is on quality suspension and hydraulic disc brakes. The steering wheel is low, the straighter the better, the bicycle fork is reinforced, oil is pumped there, so a technical service is mandatory for such a bike.

– Protection is also mandatory for MTV owners: helmet, glasses, arm and leg shields, knee pads and elbow pads, – emphasizes the director of the “Storm” skate park. – Some wear a “turtle” – this is a full-fledged motorcycle protection for the body. You can ride this bike both in winter and summer, the main thing is to buy studded tires. Our children do the studding by themselves, they just take a tire and screw the self-tapping screws into it. I saw a man from Naril fly straight up the high, steep access stairs. On such a bike, you won’t even feel the steps, the suspension will play in it, and it will start smoothly. Therefore, a good MTV costs from 350,000 rubles. They once brought me a bike worth 700,000 for repair.

In Norilsk, no more than a dozen people are fascinated by this extreme type of movement, although our city and its surroundings are simply an ideal place for emtebeshniks. Usually, this is done by adults, mature people who are aware of all the features of such “rolls” and who simply have money.

There is a place for fat people!

On the streets of Norilsk, you can see people sitting on large bicycles with very wide wheels. Such a vehicle is called a “fat man”.

Fatbike (in English fatbike – a fat bike) is a type of mountain bike with wide tires (wheels). It has increased passability on various loose surfaces that other types of bicycles cannot overcome: snow, sand, tall grass, dirt road, ice, etc. When riding, the pressure in the chambers of a fatbike is between 0.2 and 2 atmospheres. Tire widths range from 3.5 to 5 inches and rim widths range from 65 to 100mm. The weight of such a “horse” depends on the material from which it is made – it can be steel or aluminum – and most often ranges from 14 to 17 kilograms.

– Fatbikes appeared not so long ago, – says Aflatun Mehraliev. – It’s great to ride on them in winter, they even organize ice races on Lake Baikal. At the same time, the pressure in the wheels of the “fat guys” definitely drops, and the tires become wider, which increases the passability of these bikes. In addition, they do not have shock absorbers, so with heavily inflated wheels, you will feel every bump. A fatbike is not at all off-road, but not at high speeds, but when riding calmly. And remember: it is difficult to drive it, to drag it to the upper floors without an elevator – also, you need to be a physically strong person.

And the price tag this time is also heavy. If you found a fatbike on the Internet for 30 thousand rubles, it means that it is either used or children’s. Now the average price of a good “fat man” varies around 100,000 rubles.

Democratic option

Mountain bike – such a characteristic is given to this bike by the manufacturers and sellers themselves, although this type does not go into any comparison with MTB (mountain bike). But an ordinary bicycle, as professionals call it, has a huge number of good qualities.

This is the most common type. It is sold in any sports store, it is inexpensive, spare parts for it are easily available (even in Norilsk), and fixing it yourself is not a problem. The mountain bike is equipped with brakes, a speed switch, a front shock absorber, it is easy to control, it has a large line of sizes, you can easily improve the characteristics with various “hangers”, fix a child’s seat. It is ideal for novice cyclists.

Feminine happiness

City or, as it is also called, women’s bicycle. Its main distinguishing feature is a low-slung frame, so that a lady in a lace dress can comfortably pass her leg through it while sitting on the seat. It is light and inexpensive. It has the simplest wheels, trunk, no gear shift and brakes, such bikes stop by moving the pedals backwards. But there is a main feature – a bell. You can also hang a basket on it. All in all, the perfect means of transportation for children, grandparents.

Let’s respect each other

And now, if I may, a few words from myself and fellow cyclists. We’ve been growing lately and you can’t miss us. Norilsk is absolutely not suitable for cycling, however, like 99% of Russian cities. But we really like to ride. Therefore, dear pedestrians, we beg you, when we are driving, do not rush to us under the wheels! We see you and control everything. If you’re stuck and don’t know what to do, just stand still, we’ll get you around. Sincerely.

Dear motorists, we are also road users. Since there are no bike lanes in Norilsk, we sometimes ride on the road. We know the traffic rules, we remember about our extreme right lane, about the fact that at an unregulated pedestrian crossing we have to get off the horse and carry it across the road. We don’t need to signal, scaring everyone, we don’t need to pressure us.

And now I turn to cyclists. Learn traffic rules, slow down when approaching arches, always be careful and respect all road users. And also, if you are not sure which bike is right for you, go to the rental first, and suddenly you will not like it all. And those who are already in our ranks, check out the bike, sit down and ride! It’s so much fun. Good wind!

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