How to properly store a bicycle if there is no space in the apartment

How to store a bicycle if there is no space at home. Found 6 options

Pavel Suharukou

How to store a bicycle if there is no space at home?

These ways will help you get your vehicle out of the summer and get outside more often.

Even if there is a desire and ability to ride a bicycle, people face a problem – there is catastrophically little space at home and it is simply impossible to store a vehicle in an apartment. But if you wish, you can solve any problem.

On the wall or on the ceiling

The simplest and most stylish storage option is to fix the bike on the wall or, for particularly experienced lofters, on the ceiling. Very often there is a part of the wall in the apartment that is not occupied by anything. It can be used effectively. By the way, you can hang on the wall not only a bicycle, but also ski equipment, for example.

However, let’s make a reservation, not every bike can be hung. This method is more suitable for road and track bikes. Large cruisers can knock down the wall.

After each ride, the bike will need to be washed and dried so as not to spread dirt on the carpets.


In the closet

This method of storage is experimental and not the most convenient. But if your love for the saddle and pedals is overwhelming, you can try it.

With proper organization of space in the closet, you can allocate a little space for a bicycle. We remove the wheels, turn the steering wheel 90 degrees, twist the pedals, and just like that we put everything in the cabinet. Comments like “the author is out of his mind” are not welcome. The method is experimental, we remind you. In this case, the bike must also be clean.


This is one of the difficult ways. For starters, if you haven’t done it yet, you’ll have to get to know your neighbors and build friendships with them. Well, you know, share the salt, let them make noise after midnight, don’t be offended that they stepped on the hallway and cuddle their St. Bernard while they bask in the Maldives. After that, you can carefully ask the neighbors about the presence of a balcony or free space in the pantry.

A life hack for those in a romantic relationship – you can give your significant other a bike.


In the car

The method is quite common. If you really have a lack of free space in your apartment, and there is a car in the yard, you can store the bicycle there. Fold the back seat and put your iron horse there. You can also store everything else that comes with the bike: pumps, spare wheels, rubber bands, cables.

The advantage is that you don’t have to take the bike down the elevator or down the stairs. The downside is that interior trim can cost more than your bike. So take care to cover the seats with something to place your vehicle on.


In the common corridor on the floor, in the entrance or on the street

I agree. A simpler version could not be invented, but it has its place. If there is a concierge at the entrance, the territory of the house is surrounded by a fence or your floor is closed by a separate door, try to arrange parking there. Most likely, there are other residents in the house who like to ride bikes, so you can cooperate with them and store bikes together in the entrance. Do not forget to ask your neighbors in advance if your vehicle will disturb them in the corridor.

Outdoor storage is an extreme case. It is better not to contact him, but it is also possible. Do not forget to buy a good lock so that no one steals the bike.


In a rented cell

In recent years, cells for storing things that can be rented have become increasingly popular among residents of megacities. Usually, everything that does not fit in the apartment is stored here. Unfortunately, this option has more cons than pros in terms of bike storage – it’s not cheap, it’s logistically awkward, and most cells don’t have 24/7 access. But you decide.

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