How to learn to ride a bicycle for an adult

Preparation for skating

Walking, sports, mountain bikes in Odessa are presented in great variety. Decide where and how you will use it, and choose the right model. Often, newcomers learn to ride other people’s bikes and hesitate to buy, fearing that nothing will work out. However, it is important to immediately choose a structure according to height. Then the ride will be correct, comfortable and safe.

Learn to ride a bike in a quiet, deserted place. Choose a spacious area with a flat surface, without steep slopes. Driving on grass or a dirt road is much more difficult than on concrete and asphalt. Protective equipment will not interfere: a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and gloves. Thanks to them, there will be no injuries in case of a fall.

Ideally, the saddle should be at such a height that, sitting on it, you can reach the lower pedal with your straight leg. But at the beginning of training, it should be lowered a little so that you feel more confident. Try just pushing off the ground with your feet and riding without pedals. So you will feel the bike, your body and understand how to keep the balance.

Let’s start learning

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Sit in the saddle, place one foot on the bottom pedal. Push the other off the ground. Take off your leg, drive half a meter and put it on the ground again. So you learn to stop properly when braking.
  2. Stand next to the bike, take the wheel and run. Apply the front and rear brakes alternately and see how the system behaves.
  3. Sit on the seat, put your foot on the top pedal, scroll. Protect yourself from the other side. Try to do the same with the other leg.

After this initial complex, try alternating between driving and braking. Repeat several times. Don’t try to go right away. First, try just taking your foot off the ground and touching the bottom pedal for a few seconds.

How to learn to drive

There are two ways:

  1. After sitting in the saddle, place your right foot on the pedal in the upper position. Roll while placing the left foot on the lower one. Don’t stop, keep spinning. If you feel the bike leaning, immediately get on the ground. Try to move faster next time.
  2. Start with the pedal in the down position. Put your foot on it, and the other push off the asphalt a couple of times. Start actively spinning.

The first training sessions are always stressful. Buy your favorite bike in the Alyo online store, try not to worry, because you will learn to ride according to your strength. Think about the benefits and enjoyment of riding in the future.

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