how I rode a bicycle from St. Petersburg to Moscow in 25 hours

About difficulties

I covered half the distance in the first 11 hours – I’ll be honest, it felt really good. Even professional athletes do not always manage to drive 350 kilometers faster. I decided that I could continue driving at this pace, which almost turned out to be a fatal mistake. Around the 420th kilometer, I had a crisis: my legs began to collapse, all my strength disappeared somewhere. I stopped, had a snack, started streaming on social networks, chatted with friends. When I got on the bike afterwards, I was full of energy again, maybe the food helped, but I’m betting on the influence of my friends.

Most of the time it was quiet on the road, even the trucks passed me, changing to the next row. But near Tsverya, in the area of ​​the 500th kilometer, I had to get nervous. It was midnight – there was no sun, it was getting dark, and I was just starting to catch up with the stream of cars that left Petersburg after the end of the working day. But, fortunately, there were no serious problems.

After 14 hours, my headphones fell off, at some point I began to drift off to sleep. This happened after the snack stops. While you are driving, you maintain a certain heart rate, there are no problems, but you should stop, you start picking your nose. However, as soon as you get back on the bike, start moving, give a little acceleration, the vigor returns. In principle, each person can last 25 hours without sleep.

The last 100 kilometers on the approaches to Moscow were the most difficult. There are many hills, and my bike has no brakes and no freewheel. What does that mean? You need to pedal both uphill and downhill. It drained the last strength, which was already gone. At that moment, everything stopped, even digestion: I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t drink, I literally ran on moral and willpower. Therefore, the planned finish in Krylatskyi, the capital of cycling in Moscow, did not take place. I finished in my friend’s apartment, where I ate and went to bed. The journey took 25 hours.

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