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September 12, 11:50 p.m

Alexander Pedan with his wife and son (Photo: provided by the author)

The most important thing when choosing joint activities is to focus on your child’s interests

Pétanque is suitable for people of all ages.

During a full-scale war, it is even more important than in peacetime to pay enough attention to your family and ensure your children have a happy childhood. Therefore, do not forget about joint activities. It will not only distract you from the daily stress, but also bring the family closer together.

The most important thing when choosing joint activities is to focus on your child’s interests. It’s easier for parents to tune in and learn something new to support their child’s passion.

I will share activities that bring pleasure to my son Marik at the age of 5.5 years.


In fact, it can be any family tradition that you follow. This reading is for us.

Every evening, my son and I sit down to read a book. Be sure to put down all gadgets an hour before bedtime and spend time reading.

For now, we do not move on to serious stories, but focus on interactive books, because it can be difficult for children at this age to concentrate on the plot. Now we usually take a book Pierre and the Maze City. On its pages, you need to perform certain tasks: find hidden objects, solve riddles, etc.

Previously read encyclopedias about dinosaurs and sharks, when Mariko had a period of fascination with these animals. Reading is a very useful joint activity that develops a child’s memory. In addition, the son sees an example from childhood that adults also enjoy reading, so there is a much higher chance that he will not abandon books in the future.

Board games

Marik is very fond of board games and often initiates such family parties. Now the beloved is this Who am I? – already a classic game in which you have to ask questions to others and guess your role. You can buy it in a store with ready-made cards, and then you won’t have to come up with anything every time. There are different difficulty levels for all ages – choose the one that’s right for your child. But you can make it yourself – just buy stickers and stick them on your forehead.

The main thing during such games with children is a positive atmosphere and constant encouragement. Under no circumstances should there be trolling.

Hiding places

Fun, and most importantly – a simple version of the game, which can be played not only in the yard, but also in the apartment. It is very important to play along with your children so that sometimes they win. However, do not overdo it. If the child wins all the time, then he will be painfully faced with the real world, in which there is a strong competition. On the contrary, it should be explained that losses are not shameful and they can be beneficial for further development.


GA Junior and I promote this game for physical education classes at school. Since it was invented by a French pensioner with mobility problems, it is very easy and suitable for people of all ages.

There are two versions of the game. You can play with soft balls even at home with children of preschool age. And with iron, I recommend starting with the 5th grade.

Activities on the street

Do not forget that children need fresh air and active movement outside the home. Therefore, if there is an opportunity, I definitely go to the park with my son. We like to find rope parks, where there are paths of different difficulty – it is interesting for both Marika and me.

I also recommend finding something that your child will enjoy riding. It can be a skate, rollers, scooter etc. Marik, for example, learned to ride a two-wheeled bike this year, and I’m already looking forward to family bike rides with him.

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