Gianmarco Patzecka: “Sorry to Janis” – Basketball

The head coach of the Italian national team, Gianmarco Patzecka, said that he apologized to the forward of the Greek national team, Yanis Adetakomb, to whom jumped in in a rush of emotions after the victory over Serbia in the 1/8 finals of EuroBasket.

According to Patzecki, after some time he met the NBA superstar in the hotel elevator.

“I’m sorry to Janis. Said to him: “Forgive me. I was just happy after our victory.” And he started laughing.

In most cases, the player and the person represent something whole, indivisible. If a person is good on the court, he is also good in life. Janis is a perfect example. He is an extraordinary person,” said 49-year-old Patszeka.

Gianmarco said that after the removal, he watched the game in the locker room with the national team doctor and his friend from the Alba youth team, who works as a volunteer at the European Championship.

“It was so strange because it was a EuroBasket playoff game and I’m sitting in the locker room watching the game on TV with my friend. I got the idea that all I have to do is open a bottle of beer and relax. But this was not the situation…

And so I come out of the locker room after a win and meet the best player, Giannis. We beat Serbia… In my opinion, this was the most impressive achievement in Italian basketball, because we beat, perhaps, the best Serbia in history,” said Patszeka.

The main favorite flew out of Eurobasket. Jokic was fine, but the Serbs were blown away by the emotional tornado of Janmark Patsek

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