David Blatt: “My favorite right now is Germany” – Basketball

Former head coach of the Russian national team and “Cleveland” David Blatt called the German national team the favorite of EuroBasket-2022 and compared it to the Russian national team, with which he won gold at the 2007 European Championship.

“My leader at the moment is Germany. They show the most consistent and quality basketball, besides, they play at home.

Basketball in Germany in general is really growing, the interest of the fans is huge. Undoubtedly, after such a performance of the national team, it will grow even more. But speaking specifically about this Eurobasket, the Germans have a well-coached team with excellent players.

They play at a high level in front of their fans. I see them as favorites at the moment, especially without Slovenia, Greece and Serbia.

This German team plays better in attack than the Russian team I coached. We actually played well offensively, but we were magnificent defensively. We had a different style of play, so I’m not sure that this German team reminds me of our Russian team. Apart from the fact that she is also a successful performer,” Blatt said.

The coolness of the Russian bronze medal at the 2012 Olympics is still impressive. It was a team of excellent craftsmen

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