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AGIBDR of the city of Yakutsk reminds young cyclists of safety rules

With the beginning of the summer period, the worries of the inspectors of the State Security Service traditionally increase. The reason for this is young cyclists who want to feel like full-fledged road users. At the same time, in the pursuit of independence and “adulthood”, children often neglect basic safety rules, and the consequences of such behavior can be the most deplorable.

According to statistics, during the summer period of last year, in 13 accidents involving minor cyclists, 9 children received injuries of varying degrees of severity.

With the beginning of the season for lovers of two-wheeled transport, the employees of the State Highway Inspection annually conduct preventive measures to reduce and prevent accidents with their participation in the Park of Culture and Recreation, as well as in bicycle rental places. In the course of the conversation, they remind children, parents and adults of the Rules of safe cycling on the roads, in particular, they remind that cyclists under the age of 14 are prohibited from riding on the roadway! You should ride a bicycle only within pedestrian zones, that is, away from roads and cars. If a child is riding a bicycle accompanied by an adult, and on the way they need to cross the roadway, it should be done only at a pedestrian crossing. You need to cross the road on foot, and drive a bicycle, and also have protective equipment with you.

Similar preventive measures by the inspectors of the State Department of Internal Affairs and Communications together with the employees of the PDN this year are planned in May.

Photo: YASIA

Source: Propaganda group of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia “Yakutska”

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