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08.42 June 9, 2022

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From the age of two, the baby is already confidently standing on his feet – this is the time to choose the first children’s transport for him. It will bring not only new experiences from summer walks, but also help to develop coordination, vestibular apparatus and strengthen muscles. When purchasing a child’s vehicle, it is first of all important to focus on the age of the child.

Running away suitable for children from one and a half to three years old. Learning to drive it is quite simple. Small pits and humps are not scary for Begavyala, it will show itself well in the yard or in the country. In addition, running on a treadmill trains the muscles of the legs and arms, the ability to control your body and keep your balance. For small children, as a rule, they recommend a treadmill with wide wheels of a large diameter, an adjustable seat and a steering wheel with rubber pads. They are safe and easy to manage. After mastering the treadmill, your child will easily transition to cycling.

Scooters. Scooters should be looked at when the child is three years old. They are easy to manage and convenient to transport (there are folding models). An excellent option for city walks. A three-wheeled option is suitable for three-year-olds – it is as safe and stable as possible. Two-wheeled models can be used from the age of four, depending on the degree of development of coordination. It is important to ensure that the child alternates the kicking leg, this will allow the load to be properly distributed on the legs.

Rollers – This is a find for active children from five years old. They help develop coordination, dexterity and vestibular apparatus, as well as give many happy moments. When rollerblading, almost all muscles are involved – arms, legs, abs and back. It is important to remember about safety when choosing rollers and supplement the purchase with protection – a helmet, knee pads and elbow pads – they will save your child in case of a fall. Beginners should take a closer look at the rollers that are attached directly to the shoes.

A bicycle. Closer to the age of three or four, the child can be transferred to a tricycle or two-wheel bicycle with two stabilizers. As soon as the child gets used to the bicycle, he will feel confident on it, it is better to unscrew the safety wheels and train balance. According to orthopedists, a bicycle is the most suitable form of transport for children: the load on the muscles is distributed evenly, there is no distortion in the trunk and shoulders. Unlike adults, children’s bicycles are selected by the size of the wheel, not the frame. Correct sizing is important for safety. It is important to adjust the bike for the child from time to time – raise the seat and handlebars, because children grow quickly. For teenagers, you can take a closer look at mountain bikes designed specifically for cross-country travel. If the child prefers to ride a bike and chooses difficult trails with obstacles, a reinforced mountain bike is the ideal option.

Skateboard – this is “higher aerobatics” among sports children’s transport. Skateboarding with confidence takes patience and practice. It is best to buy a skateboard for children after seven years. For beginners, small and light penny boards that fit easily in a backpack are recommended. A helmet, knee pads and elbow pads are mandatory protection. In addition, it is important that the board and its components are of high quality. Skate can be really “steep” with trendy graffiti and glowing wheels.

It is easiest to decide on the choice of children’s transport in a store with a good assortment, where you can “try on” the future purchase and get detailed advice from a specialist.

In “Bubble-Gum” hypermarkets there is a large selection of children’s transport: bright scooters, steep skates, rollers and bicycles. Here you can choose models for children of any age. It is also a good way to complement the purchase of a set of special protection and helmets of various colors for boys and girls. Kids will really love it!

And good news for parents – until June 15, there are special promotional prices for a select assortment of goods for summer sports.

Another good reason to visit the “Bubble-Gum” hypermarket: from June 6 to 15, there are two “3=2” super promotions on inflatable toys for bathing and bright sets for playing in the sandbox – everything you need for fun summer walks!

For a pleasant shopping experience, you are welcome at the following addresses:

Shopping center “Mega Birozka”, 3rd floor, Sakhalinskaya Street, 89;

Ganesha shopping center, 2nd floor, Krukova Street, 83;

“Street Retail”, Yelansky Proezd, 9, 2nd floor.

Check the details of the promotion with sales consultants.

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