Blond hair and sad eyes: Savichava showed her daughter left abroad

Savichova’s sole heir has lived with her grandparents in Portugal since birth. The former “manufacturer” dreamed of a child for many years, but when the long-awaited girl was born, she hurried back to work. Now the singer sees her baby only in photos and videos.

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The singer of the hit song “High” was prevented from meeting her daughter at least once a month, first by the pandemic, then by problems with documents. In Russia, Savichova is full of work – she records new songs, shoots music videos. She remains in touch with her daughter Anna, who is already five years old, thanks to messengers.

The other day, the star decided to show the adult heiress to fans. A photo of Anechka on a bicycle appeared in Yulia’s personal microblog on “Instagram*”. Subscribers noted that the little girl is surprisingly similar to her mother, and also looks a little older than her years.

The heiress Savichava has been cared for only by her grandparents since childhood

“Our team sends greetings to everyone! Anya recently switched from a three-wheeled to a two-wheeled bicycle and is now riding it with such enthusiasm!” Savicheva boasted.

The singer told how her daughter learned to ride a bicycle, treadmill and scooter, and also asked subscribers how they taught their children to ride. In response, Savichava once again faced not only compliments, but also a wave of negativity. Many cannot forgive the artist that she gave priority to her career over raising a child.

“We taught our children while living with them!”, “And who taught to ride? Apparently, parents do not raise, but only redeem themselves”, “Velabeg… That’s what it means that you don’t raise a child yourself…”, fans write in the comments.

Julia ignores the indignation of some Russians. She has said more than once that she calls her daughter every day and stays informed of everything that is happening in her life. At the beginning of last year, the artist began to process the documents necessary to obtain a residence permit in Portugal.

Source: Instagram*

Photo source: Instagram*, Legion-media

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