Big basketball: the second Khairetdinov Cup will be held in Nizhny Novgorod

September 7, 2022, 09:07

Four teams from the United League of ZGB will compete in it.

Photo provided by the press service of BC Zaklad NN

The second pre-season Cup in memory of BC “Pari NN” founder Alexander Khairetdinov will be held in Nizhny Novgorod on September 10-11, IA “Vremya N” reported in the press service of the basketball club.

“Aleksandr Hayretdinov left us in June 2021,” the BC press service explained. “He loved basketball more than anything in the world, so a year ago, before the start of the first Cup in his honor, it was decided that the tournament would be held every year, preceding the new season.”

Now the competition will take on new dimensions; if in September last year three teams participated in it: “Pari Nizhny Novgorod”, “Minsk” and “MBA”, and the games themselves were held at the “Meshchersky” FAC, now four teams from the VTB United League compete in it, and the matches themselves will be held at the main park of Nizhny Novgorod.

Tournament schedule (DS “Nagorny”):

Participants: “Pari Nizhny Novgorod”, UNICS (Kazan), “Samara” (Samara), “Minsk” (Belarus).

September 10:

15:00 – UNIX – “Samara”;

18:00 – “Pari Nizhny Novgorod” – “Minsk”.

September 11:

15:00 – Match for the third place;

18:00 – Match for the first place.

“Tickets are already on sale,” said the press service of Pari NN. – Come not only to the matches with the participation of our team, but also to the meetings of our rivals. So you will be able to find out a month before the start of the season which rosters UNIX and Samara have assembled and how they will look in the ZGB League.”

Age limit: 6+.

Author: Dmitry Larionov

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