Biden rode away from the reporters on a bicycle and ran into a flurry of jeers

US President Joe Biden once again amused Americans by cycling along the coast in South Carolina. This time, the reaction of the American leader to the journalists present became the basis for mockery. When the press tried to ask him a few questions, he nonchalantly drove by.

One Twitter user speculated that the president was rolling on the sand so it wouldn’t hurt to fall like he did last time.

It just seems like a great idearide a bike along the beach. I guess there will be a soft landing if anything?” picked up by another user.

One of those who watched the video said that in 50 years of living in the coastal state, it was the first time he had seen people riding bicycles on the beach. Another user pointed out that the president is riding without training wheels, apparently also hinting at the possibility of another fall. Someone asked not to distract the president, because “riding a bicycle is not the easiest activity for him.”

Did he not answer the questions because he forgot his cheat sheets or was afraid of falling off his bike if he decided to stop?” asked one of the subscribers jokingly.

Let us remind you that at the beginning of June, a video with another embarrassment of US President Joe Biden appeared on the Internet. Then the American leader fell off his bicycle while riding near his country house in Rehoboth Beach (Delaware).

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