Belarus will change the rules for those who travel on bicycles and electric scooters

Belarus will change the rules for those who travel by bicycle or electric scooter

So, from October 27, cyclists will be required to travel outside populated areas in the dark in clothes with reflective elements (exception – movement on a bicycle path).

Cyclists will be obliged to cross the road on a bicycle path, bicycle crossing or pedestrian crossing. If there are no such elements of the road, then it is necessary to cross the road at the intersection along the sidewalks or roadsides, while not creating obstacles for pedestrians.

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In addition, the updated traffic rules state that a cyclist will not have to dismount when crossing the road.

Two-wheeled vehicles will be prohibited:

  • without holding the steering wheel with both hands (disabling turn signals)
  • without keeping your feet on the pedals.

Transportation of children under 7 years of age without a special seat and helmet will also be prohibited.

From October 27, electric scooters, gyroscooters, segways and unicycles will be subject to the definition “personal mobility device”.

According to the updated rules, it will be necessary to move on them on a bicycle path (in its absence – on a sidewalk, footpath or roadside). At the same time, the speed of the SPM should not be higher than 25 km/h, and the driver of such a device should not create obstacles for pedestrians while driving.

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There is also an age restriction on the use of such means of transportation. It will be possible to ride it only from the age of 14. However, if you don’t leave the yard or pedestrian zone, even younger children will be able to ride.

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