Almost 1,500 residents of South Urals rode bicycles. For the first time, a regional bicycle parade was held in Chelyabinsk

While the participants were approaching the registration desk, professional cyclists had already started. But for the rest of the South Urals, it was not necessary to compete in speed and sportsmanship – after all, this is more of an urban holiday, in which they participate not for the sake of awards. It was not forbidden to come by other means of transport. Svetlana Yazhova, for example, decided to cover the distance on a scooter. She approached the participation in the sports event with imagination – she chose for herself and her son outfits in the Russian folk style.

Svetlana Yazhova, participant of the regional bicycle parade: “I like bicycles in general, but unfortunately I don’t have a bicycle now, I only have a scooter. There was a condition that you could come in headsets, so I decided that headsets would be needed. This is how we came.”

Before the start – a mandatory warm-up. Almost one and a half thousand lovers of two-wheeled transport decided to participate in the bicycle parade. There were participants from Miass, Magnitarsk, Kapeysk and even Zalatavust. This time, the square on Topalinka was more crowded than ever.

Alyaksei Yeraklintsev, participant of the regional bicycle parade: “Well, first of all, because it’s fun – to see a lot of people on bicycles. Present in one place. Well, that’s cool. We love to ride bikes and want to meet like-minded people here, have fun riding around the city and get in a good mood.”

Natalya Gladkova, participant of the regional bicycle parade: “Well, first of all, it’s interesting to ride in such a big crowd, because mostly we ride together. And just to have fun.

Traffic was temporarily blocked during the bicycle parade in the North-West. The distance of the route along three streets was 6 kilometers. Among the cyclists were very young South Uralians who came here with their parents. And also athletes of mature age.

Alyaksandra Klimova, curator of the “Regional Bike Parade” project: “And if you don’t fight, but can just ride for pleasure, you still support a healthy lifestyle, you still support ecological transport. And we wanted to emphasize that there are a lot of people who don’t set out to win big, but just enjoy what they do with the bike.”

Cyclists were not rewarded for their sporting achievements, but they celebrated, for example, their appearance. Here Chelyabinsk residents showed their creativity. Vintage outfits, astronaut costumes and family look. It was the participants in costumes who were awarded medals. Also, everyone could participate in the bicycle raffle.

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